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October 9, 2009 jeansdream
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Park Shin Yang’s doing great at NYIT.  There are two postings at his Japan official fan site on Oct 5, 2009. 

The first article was about logistics arragement due to a large crowd of attendence and it included comments taken from one of the five Korean students who received a scholarship to attend this course.  The student said Park Shin Yang’s passion of life and acting made him feel his own passion once again.  Professors of other acting classes also brought their students to join Professor Baek and Park’s class.  Many people were packed in a classroom.  The attenders were asked to open their hearts and minds for a frank discussion.

The second article covered the agenda (lecture notes) of that class – a list of very down-to-earth, practical questions (see for yourself!).  At the end of this class, everyone applauded.  Touching, isn’t it?  Apparently there is no “language” problem – when it comes to acting, the body language is universal, isn’t it?

Speaking of the Japan official fan site, there is a call for photos of 1 MB or less to be sent to the “Autumn 111” birthday party event organizer – theme is of course the birthday celebration for Park Shin Yang.  Selected photo will be shown at the party.  Deadline to send is Oct 27.  For details, please click here (in Japanese).

CODA, you may ban Park from future k-dramas, but you can’t ban his spirit and passion in dramas.  The sooner you reverse the ban decision, the better.  People are not stupid.  They can tell what is legit and what’s not.

Reader, if you haven’t participated in the counter ban campaign before, consider joining at least once – the next one is launched Nov 5th, 2009 – please check “Counter Ban for Park Shin Yang” out!


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