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Carolyn, RIP

Carolyn 家誼, rest in peace.  You have fought a brave battle.  Your life is finished but your work on earth continues –

Auntie, Partick and other supporters,  my deepest condolences.   I am so sorry for your loss. 

Reader, please sign up as a bone marrow donor.  Register with the Unrelated Bone Marrow Donor Registry (UBMDR) program.  Visit  Your may become someone’s donor one day.  Or you or your loved ones may need a donor one day.

Death, Be Not Proud.

* you can leave your condolence message at Carolyn’s FaceBook group for her family and supporters.


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New Blog

I’ve added a new blogroll entry : Dragonfly On The Wall – check it out.

Apparently Kempton, from Calgary, is currently in Toronto, blogging the making of Season Two, Toronto Chapter’s CBC Dragons’ Den – live.

Add a comment June 6, 2007

Scorpion, Dinosaur China Vase and Red M’M

Not sure if it’s because of a scorpion close-up shot in the TV news (which was quite shocking) that I saw it in my dream last night.

 I saw a brown scorpion creeping next to Dave‘s right feet.  I signalled Dave about it, and he carefully lifted his foot.  I thought he would step on it, but he didn’t.  Then the scorpion crawled towards Dave’s left foot.   Somehow, the scorpion turned into a centipede.  Then Dave lifted his left foot this time and he “gently” stepped on it.  I said “gently” because the force wasn’t enough to kill it.  He tried again, and this time, I heard a “squitch” noise…  and the part of the worm which wasn’t stepped escaped away alive…

I went shopping after a honey factory tour (but the tour was about “how to make fresh orange juice”…).  There was a sales table at the entrance of this big store which was only carrying products made in China.  Many china pieces were on special.  Some one picked up a bone china desk-top display about Chinese horoscope (the 12 animals).  Neat thing.  Then I saw a pair of vases with T-rex printed.  Very interesting art work – using traditional light water-color style to draw T-rexes.  Hm…  perhaps catering these chinaware for the western markets.

On a different dream espisode, I was given a chance to pick a plastic crane toy which was really M’M holders.  I picked a red crane toy as I was told that red M’M was the yummiest.   🙂

2 comments January 12, 2007

Venture Capitalist – Read On

Today I take a sick day off. No Work. In between my sleep times, I found this interesting post via Kempton’s blogroll to Guy – The Venture Capital Aptitude Test (VCAT)

Fun to read for those who have / had been actively involved with VC / IPO / startup companies – know your VC management, know your VC peer and know yourself.

Back to bed now… zzzzzzz

1 comment December 8, 2006


I don’t like the fact that this default Blogroll page under Categories, if nothing’s posted, would generate a “Sorry” page.

This is a patch post. In IT, this is called a workaround. 😀 Please visit my Links – enjoy them.

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