H1N1 Vaccine Shot Rush

October 29, 2009 jeansdream

Who would imagine that moms would drag kids, wait for 5 hours, and still feel satisfied when their kids finally get the H1N1 vaccine shot?

I witnessed that today – through the radio.  A mom was interviewed.  A health clinic at York Region (Ontario, Canada) started to offer H1N1 Vaccine shot to prioritized citizens.   It opened at noon today.  This Mom went there at 8:30 am; got her (and her kid) shot after an approx. 6 hours wait.  She was not overly upset about this long wait and she said she felt the wait was worth.

For those who didn’t know…  a 13-year-old Toronto (Etibocoke)  boy was lost to H1N1 earlier this week.  The H1N1 virus claimed this healthy hockey sport in just one day.  He felt ill (symptons included fever / vomiting) during a hockey tournament over this weekend.  He was taken to a walk-in clinic and was sent home on Sunday.  He collapsed Monday before noon, was taken to a hospital and passed away later the day.

An unimaginable shock to the family for sure.  My deepest condolence to this family.

Now you can understand why the rush, why the wait and why the satisfication.  Nothing’s more precious than life.

Hubby and I were talking about this last week.  We thought we could do away without.  We never did.  We are changing our minds now.

The York region website was down today.  I guess too many people wanted to check out the clinic locations (York region) and it went belly up.

Stay healthy for yourself, your loved ones and those around you.   Health!


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  • 1. kempton  |  October 29, 2009 at 5:18 am

    Saw the sad news about that boy on TV too. The dad was on TV and he was absolutely heart-broken.

    The vaccinations in Calgary was a mess and super long lineup. TIn Calgary, there are talks of having the vaccine available in the doctors’ offices and pharmacies next week, will see.

    Good health to you and your love ones.

    • 2. jeansdream  |  October 30, 2009 at 2:18 am

      Same good wishes to you, kempton!

      The good thing is in Canada, at least for now, no one is excluded for receiving the vaccination – it’s just a matter of time. In some other countries, people don’t have this privilege.

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