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李旺陽 “被自殺” 事件新聞稿 – 多倫多集會

Toronto Rally on Li Wangyang’s Death

Canada-Hong Kong Link, Federation for a Democratic China (Canada), Toronto Association for Democracy in China, and China Rights Network will stage a rally in front of the Chinese Consulate at 240 St. George Street in Toronto at 12 noon this Saturday, June 16 (2012) to protest the sudden death of 62-year old Chinese dissident Mr. Li Wangyang at a Hunan hospital on June 6, just two days after the 23rd anniversary of the June 4 Massacre in Beijing.

Mr. Li Wangyang had been in jail for 22 years for active participation in the 1989 pro-democracy movement in Beijing and for organizing the Hunan Independent Workers’ Alliance. As a result of continuous severe torture in jail, he became blind, deaf and unable to walk.

The Hunan security department announced that Li had committed suicide, although there were numerous pieces of evidence against this official claim. Family members who asked for investigation into the real cause of his death disappeared soon after they made the request. Many other dissidents such as Hu Jia who commented on this case were interrogated by the security department or put under house arrest. A severe crackdown appears to be underway.

To join forces with the 25,000 people who marched on the street in Hong Kong last weekend to protest Li’s death, the Toronto-based community organizations will make a joint statement on Li’s death at the Saturday rally. They will also pay tribute to Mr. Li Wangyang in front of the Chinese Consulate. All are welcome to join the action.

六日十四日 – 就李旺阳”被自殺”事件新聞稿

港加联、民主中国阵线加拿大分部、多伦多支持中国民运会和中国人权网络将于本周六 (6月16日)中午12:00在中领馆前举行集会,抗议62岁的中国异见人士李旺阳被自杀。




Source: Tina Tse, ONMI TV reporter


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平反六四 – JUNE 3 and 4, 2012

On June 3, 2012 (Sunday), the Toronto Association for Democracy in China will hold its annual vigil to commemorate the Tiananmen Massacre happened on June 4, 1989, 23 years ago.


** RAIN or SHINE * 風雨不改 **

六月三日 (星期日) Sunday June 3, 2012

5 pm
中國政局研討會 China Forum
South Dining Room, Hart House, University of Toronto

7 pm
遊行集會 Rally and March
中國領事館 Chinese Consulate, 240 St. George Street

(between Bloor and Bernard (3 blocks north of Bloor) ** St. George Street is between Avenue Road and Spadina Road; don’t confuse it with “George Street” which is also downtown)

8 pm
燭光悼念晚會 Candlelight Vigil
多倫多大學六四紀念碑前 Hart House Circle, University of Toronto

六月四日 (星期一) Monday June 4, 2012

2 pm
民主女神像 (Goddess of Democracy) 揭幕
紀念方勵之 約克大學學生中心 (Commemoration of Professor Fang Lizhi – Student Centre @ York University)
* Wang Dan 王丹, student of Professor Fang, is expected to join this event *

平反六四 . 毋忘89.06.04

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Who Moved The Trees?!

I had a dream last night.

I was visiting at my old high school.  It was some kind of a sport event.  I was with other school-aged girls at the playground.  I commented that the school had planted many trees since I left.  It felt so green everywhere.  However, I noticed some people wearing white T-shirts digging up plants from the main staircase in front of the playground.  Most plants along the staircase were already dug up.  These people put the lifted plants in baskets and carried the baskets out the school doors.  I didn’t feel right.  I hesitated and shouted to them:  Who Moved The Trees?! 

Next scene I followed these people to their bus – they sawed the trunk of the plants into logs and loaded them onto the bus.  (where did they hide the plants?)  I got the school girls to form a circle around the bus to prevent them (and the evidence of crime!) from leaving the school.  I asked the girls to take photos of the faces of the white T-shirts with their cell phones.  I asked the white T-shirts for their “work permit”.  I asked who gave them permissions to remove plants.  I called the police.  I felt organized (kinda proud of myself!).

I told my Hubby about this dream.  He told me I was speaking English.  🙂

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Park Shin Yang and Exam on Frankibots

Last night I had the weirdest dream.

In the dream, I woke up in a curl (like a shrimp) on a long bed on one end and Park Shin Yang (!!) also woke up on the other end.  He seemed taller and more handsome than I imagined.  He apologized (I think) and he jumped off.  We went outside.  He was standing at a T-section of two streets.  He was wearing a pair of eyeglasses  (black-framed),  a pale blue shirt and earth-toned khaki pants.  I am sure there’s more to it after that but I don’t remember now. 

Next scene.  I was in an exam and this wasn’t a regular written exam.  I saw many human-sized robots on a staged platform.  Three were on the stage, and the rest were on the floor.  Each of them looked a little different, but they all looked wacky.  They looked like a crossover between Frankenstein and the Japanese human-dressed robots with head shaped like an eclipse and two oversized eye-patches.   One had a smaller mouth, the rest had a large mouth but some had small teeth and some hugh teeth.  Some had short antennas sticking out from the round ears, and some didn’t have antennas.  Some had their hands held together, and some had one hand sticked up in the air and the other held across the chest.  Each Frankibot had a unique combination of these characteristics.  Each Frankibot had a really long name, which was more like a random series of letters and numbers.  On the right to the stage, there were 6 combination answers.  Each combination had two names.  Then I “remembered” it was a Social Welfare class exam.  I was supposed to pick two out of these Frankibots described in the textbook of the class.  Boy, I asked myself, who on earth with the right mind would really study the details of these Frankibots.  But there they were in an exam question.  Others seemed to be expecting this, but I was totally clueless.   Ah – they got past exams, and I didn’t have any!  Oh that’s why they came prepared.  Then I started to hear my teacher (supposedly a guy coz I heard a male voice) mumbling about the description of the two Frankibots in the text.   They were written in the form of Chinese poems of ancient words in the text.  I had to decipher the peom and picked the answers.  I listened carefully.

End of my memory on these dreams.  Park Shin Yang.  Ha!

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Patrick Chan – I am proud of YOU

It matters when it comes to medals.  Olympic medals – oh yes – who doesn’t want one.  Winning one is terrific.  But, owning one is not the most important thing in life.  Sportsmanship is better treasured and its impact will last much longer.

Patrick, I know you have tried hard.  I am sure I am not alone.  It’s heart wrecking to hear your apologetic statement to Canadians.  Perhaps the media has put too much on your shoulders.  Just know that there are ups and downs.  Everyone does, including the champs.  Like your uncle’s interview on the Chinese radio on the evening of Feb 19, the most important thing for those who love you and support you is to see a fine young gent like yourself enjoying and see the spirit of improving / perfecting yourself in figure skating.

At your age, I can’t really say you are too young (for Olympics), but hey, you ain’t too old either.  Take this as your “Olympics” handshake – now you’ve acquainted it.  Next time, you’ll mature to present a better self to it if you want to.  There are still lots to learn and don’t be afraid to try.

Don’t lose your heart. 
Live on your dream. 
Take on whatever you feel like challenging yourself at.

p.s.  the more I look at your Harry Rosen ad, the more I like your charitable spirit – lovely!!

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Dependable Mazinger Hunter and Food Critic Chua Lam

I caught myself  a pleasant surprise.  “Mazinger Hunter” and Chua Lam paid me a visit!  … in my dream.  🙂

I’ve recently finished watching k-drama, The Slingshot (a.k.a. Story of a Man) (see here for my motivation).   I am impressed by Park Ki Woong‘s interpretation of “Mazinger Hunter”, aka Kim Shin’s Stock Teacher.  He is adorable!

And 3 days ago, I went straight to bed as soon as my hubby’s home after work.  Tho I felt sick throughout work, I managed to pull through without drawing any attention from my colleagues.  When I got home, I started to prepare for dinner.  I felt more tired but still not too bad.   Then my hero hubby came home and perhaps I psychologically knew I could collapse anytime, my body started crumbling.  I couldn’t even finish making dinner and I went to bed right away.  That night I had many dreams.  There I met “Mazinger”.

In the dream, I was feeling weak.  Mazinger Hunter was sitting behind a work desk.  I was standing next to him, on his left.  Suddenly I fainted and my head fell on Mazinger Hunter’s left shoulder.  I knew he would take care of me as a faithful friend, like how he took care of Eun Soo!

The same night in a different dream, I saw Chua Lam.  Hubby and I joined him on a tour to a traditional Chinese dessert restaurant.  There I saw a tray of bear-figured flakes made of cane sugar.  The store owner explained that these bear flakes are a substitute for cane sugar powder on soft tofu dessert.  Cute…  Then I saw the workers packing sweet rice dumplings into black plastic portable pots – cool-looking, modern containers for a traditional Chinese dessert store…

Perhaps I went to bed empty-stomached… ah I don’t mind seeing them again in my dreams, but hopefully not on my sick days anymore.  🙂

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Park Yong Ha OR Kim Myung Min

A little more study into Seoul International Drama Awards 2009 yesterday and a little discovery I made.

What the public is voting currently via Yahoo!Korea are really “The Most Favourite or Popular”s – The Most Popular Drama, The Most Popular Actor, The Most Popular Actress.  The “Best” categories have been decided by a jury of 9, comprised of  drama directors, writers, journalist and critic.  The short-listed nominees are diversified – not only do you see Korean / Japanese / Chinese (China, Taiwan (HK doesn’t get into the finalists)) dramas, other countries like Argentina, Australia,  Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Switzerland and UK have also been selected.  Congratulations to all!  Regardless of having the award or not, this is a great recognition already.  May your great work be seen by more – let’s get the curve up, shall we?

Since I follow k-dramas, I would like to focus more on the k-drama finalists.


Korean nominees for Best & Excellent Dramas: 

  • In the Mini-Series: MBC’s Beethoven Virus, SBS’s The Painter Of The Wind. 
  • In the Drama Series: KBS’s The Slingshot (aka A Man’s Story).

Korean nominees for Individual Prizes: 

  • Best Actor: Kim Myung Min (Beethoven Virus), Park Yong Ha (The Slingshot). 
  • Best Actress: Moon Geun Young (The Painter Of The Wind)
  • Best Director / Best Writer : regrets

I watched Beethoven Virus.  You know its impact on me, right?  I am excited to see Kim Myung Min.  He has done a marvelous job as Kang Mae!

I am surprised to see Park Yong Ha in the Best Actor category.  I have not watched The Slingshot yet and I will start this week.   I watched On Air (SBS, 2008).  He didn’t strike me to be maturing to the masters level yet then.  Hence, before I write more, I should watch The Slingshot first.

Needless to say, I am mildly disappointed not to see Park Shin Yang in the Best Actor category.  But I can understand.   Afterall, I am already grateful that he’s made to the Most Popular Actor nomination.  One step at a time (to unban).

So, what do you think:  Park Yong Ha, or Kim Myung Min?

Follow this link to see the results of the preliminary screening for SDA 2009.

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The Toronto Association for Democracy in China has organized a series of activities for the Torontorians to participate starting May 31, 2009 in commemorating the most courageous acts of Chinese students 20 years ago in the Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China when the peaceful and patriotic month-long demonstration ended as a massive, merciless blood bath on June 4th, 1989.

Many parents lost their single, only child of the family – mostly students. Some children (now adults) lost their parents as well.

The goal of these commemorating acts is to get this tabooed event redressed – these students and citizens were not rioting mobs; they were not scheming a coup; they simply wanted a better-run country. The decision of ordering tanks and soldiers to crush and fire at the weaponless crowd was the biggest mistake that generation of the government has made, and any prisoners should be released and no one should be refused for re-entering their mother country just because they expressed that they wanted a better-run country. The families of the dead should be relieved from pain and grievances – only if the government can admit that their officers had made a terrible mistake 20 years ago.

Money cannot be used to exchange silence on this matter. If the past mistake is not admitted, how do one expect that the mistake won’t happen again?

There are so many (too many!) people still think that this massacre (government against its own citizens) did not happen. There are so many still accuse the dead that they deserved what they have done. If the government has done something so wise and so right, why is this still a taboo? Why arm Tiananmen around June 4th – if it has done something so brilliant and just? Why?

平反六四 . 毋忘89.06.04

I heard that there will be a vigil held in the Canada parliament to mourn for the June 4th casualties. I look forward to see the news coverage.

Lest not forget, and please don’t stop having/joining these commemorating events (2009)  till the goal is reached, however long it takes.

I won’t name names but I sincerely salute those who put in the heart and mind and soul on keeping this going. 20 years is not a short time. May you see the harvest you sow – a better-run China so all its citizens can have a better living. May you see your dream come true!

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Happy Birthday – Old Bean

I played this piece using the Sandner cello.   

If it sounds bad, it is because… hm…

coz…  the cello hasn’t warmed up yet…  hm…

coz… the phone which was used to record this wasn’t very good…  hm…

coz… oh blame the sound card… hm…

coz… hm… hee hee hee…

… doesn’t fly?…  really… ?

With lots of love~~  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD!  (Show Mom the video too, ok?)

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Brush Calligraphy Exam and Late for School

Sorry I was quite busy with my other things these days.   I did have many dreams recently but I couldn’t find the time to put them here.

Here’s one which I called my elementary school teacher in Vancouver up and told her about (she laughed a bit) that I think it may be interesting to write here.

In the dream, it was a school exam day.  I just finished writing one exam (forgot which subject tho).  The classmates were of the secondary school but the exam inspector was my elementary school teacher (whom I met in a recent trip to HK – she was co-incidently vacationing there).  Then the whole class was getting ready for the next exam, Chinese penmanship, including the students taking French (whom I also met @HK).  Don’t ask why French-taking students were sitting for Chinese penmanship exams.  O-M-G… I actually forgot about this exam completely i.e. I didn’t know I had to write this exam (this is perhaps one of the most recurring themes in my dreams – not knowing I had to write an exam).  I didn’t pack the brush calligraphy book with me in the school bag…  And – I didn’t have a brush nor an ink pad (or container)!  I browsed around and was trying to see who would have a spare, but honestly who would have a spare of such when these items were considered stinky and ancient nowadays!  My heart sank… Oh dear… Oh no!!  At the end, I had to report this to the inspector.  She basically “blackened” her face, and asked me seriously (read: scolding):  did you turn in the calligraphy exercise book after you turned in the Earth Globe model homework!!!  I hesitated and somehow I knew I probably didn’t, and I told her “you know me… perhaps I didn’t”.  I remembered I rated this response as “daring” in the dream.

I forgot what happened next , but that gave my teacher a good laugh and she told me that the exam theme was one of those recurring ones for her as well (and akham…  should I write this… would she kill me… the other recurring theme was being late for school… hee hee!).  I had that (running like crazy coz I was late – the road to the school etc) once in a while (and it was a big thing then) but I guess not as frequent as my teacher’s!

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