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K-drama trivia – 1

I think it would be fun to have a series of posts on Korean drama trivia.

Today I have 2 questions for the first in the series.

Q1 – This wine bar (to be exact, its backdoor alley) is featured in episode 1 of the Coffee Prince (where Eun Chan works as a temp and she takes the garbage out and she meets Han Seong and they share a plastic wrapping bubble sheet) as well as this 2006 K-drama.

Q2 – This 2011 K-drama is watched by the Hwang family in episode 36 (~ 34 minutes) of the Sparkling.

Need some hints?

Hint for Q1:  this is a cable drama.

Hint for Q2:  these two dramas once aired back-to-back in real life broadcasting period.

Have fun!


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“The Housemaid” Stars in TIFF 2010

A-list Korean stars Jeon Do Yeon and Lee Jung Jae were in Toronto, Canada, attending the Premuim Screening of slick, dark, comedic sexy thriller “The Housemaid” in the Toronto International Film Festival TIFF 2010.

Screening schedule as follows:

  • Sunday September 12
  • 9:30:00 PM

  • Tuesday September 14
  • 4:30:00 PM

  • Sunday September 19
  • 6:00:00 PM
  • Note: Premium Screening indicates Premium Screening.

    Ming Pao’s Saturday Supplement magazine (Toronto edition) (2010.09.18) posted their pictures with TIFF as background.  The reportor mentioned that there was probably a logistics issue with TIFF that no other reporter, except Ming Pao, were at the press area to welcome Jeon Do Yeon and Lee Jung Jae.  TIFF got some eager fans to join the press area when Jeon and Lee came on the red carpet.  

    Jeon Do Yeon looked gorgeous!  Lee Jung Jae’s photo wasn’t too impressive, but I like him anyways!  In the photos, both crossed their hands in front.  This is another Jeon‘s photo released on Sep 13th, 2010 in Ming Pao (the photo below on the left side) – stunning dress.

    I wished I were there!

    49 comments September 19, 2010

    Park Shin Yang 박신양 in new drama “Heaven” 헤븐

    Korean actor Park Shin Yang is casted in a new TV drama “Heaven” <헤븐> which will start production shooting in November 2010.

    This drama will mark Park’s come-back since his last drama “Painter of the Wind (2008 SBS)” 2 years ago before he was banned by CODA (Corea Drama Production Association) with the most ridiculous reason.  The production company (a CODA member) deliberately held Park’s contracted wages.  Park filed a lawsuit against that production company.  Then CODA banned Park, claiming he interrupted the normal drama operations.  The Court has ruled (twice) that the production company must pay Park to honor the spirit of the contract.

    Park’s character in “Heaven” is a forensics expert who is mysophobic (“neat freak”). There will be intense medical challenges (forensic pathology), fierce politics in the circle and inner struggles (greed) – the Production Company, Apollo Pictures, has no other but Park Shin Yang in mind for this role for the depth this actor needs to bring to breathe life into the role.

    Production Company: Apollo Pictures (아폴로 픽쳐스는) (a non-CODA member)

    Director: Jang Hang Joon (장항준) (movie Manner of Battle (2008)) (co-wrote: Harvest Villa(2010))

    Screenwriter: Kim Eun Hee (김은희) (Sweet 18 (2004), The Snow Queen(2006), When It’s At Night (2008), Take Care of the Young Lady (2009), co-wrote Harvest Villa)

    Lead Female: Kim Ah Joong (김아중) (Sea God/Emperor of the Sea (2004), Accidental Couple/That Fool (2009); movie: 200 Pounds Beauty (2006))

    Broadcasting Station: SBS

    Schedule: Wednesdays/Thursdays (after “Daemul”); January 2011


    A group was started to help lift the (CODA) ban on Park Shin Yang.  Please support the September 2010 email campaign:

    See your email on Sept 5, 2010 or before.  The campaign strikes every 5th of the coming months, until the ban is reversed.  Join the effort to lift the ban as you are available.

    Thank you for your support!!

    4 comments September 3, 2010

    3 messages on Canada Day

    Today is Canada’s 143th birthday.  I just watched the Queen and the PM celebrating the birthday at the Parliament in Ottawa on TV.  Her Majesty looked gorgeous – love that red dress!  My Mom would second me, I am sure.

    My 3 messages today:

    1) Tho only a drop in the bucket, I’ll do part to make this country:  The True North, Strong and Free

    2) I am still mourning on the passing of young Korean actor and singer Park Yong Ha in his prime age of 33 – I’ll pray for the bereaved family and friends;  and I’ll continue to support Park Shin Yang, until the day he returns to the k-drama world

    3) I love my family.   Yes you, dear

    Happy Canada Day!

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    Park Yong Ha Lost To Depression?

    I am sad to say promising actor and singer, the leading actor of the winner drama of SDA2009’s Series Drama (Excellence) – The Slingshot – Park Yong Ha – was reported dead in his room Wednesday morning, Jun 30, 2010, Korean time.

    He was cited to have suffered from depression.  He appeared to have hund himself with a cell phone cord.  No suicide note has been found per Joong Ang:

    The causes of depression differ but depression is a situation that can be controlled.  Did we lose him to depression?  Did anyone work Park too hard, give him too much pressure, stop him from treating depression?

    My condolences to the parents, family and friends of Park Yong Ha – he will be dearly missed by many.

    July 1: Tho too late, I seem to gain an insight of Park Yong Ha’s performance – why he expressed himself in a certain way for the past years; why I heard a more at-ease Park Yong Ha in his songs than his dramas, now I seem to understand.  Too late now…  fans, you need to tell your fav stars that if they have health issues, you’ll support them and be with them when they seek professional help until they are all well – you really need to show that support – please show your understanding and support – afterall they are only human beings like us all…

    Add a comment June 30, 2010

    Kang Ji Hwan – Park Shin Yang #2 – Another Bullied Victim

    I saw translated news on Kang Ji Hwan being banned by the Corea Agency Management Association for pre-maturely terminating his contract with the old agency.  Even his current agency abandoned him – Kang is left alone – he’s hanging dry all by himself.  That Association solicited broadcasting stations not to air shows with Kang, and asked agencies not to use him.

    Again, the above are translated news – I have to see the original text to know what exactly is going on.  But I have the feeling that the BIG HANDS of the K-drama industry are once again manipulating / dominating / bullying its artists (assets).   14 months ago, CODA banned Park Shin Yang even tho Park won the lawsuit (both initial and appeal trials) which caused the ban in the first place;  Park’s ban is still on.

    I know their cases are different.  But see the pattern?  It doesn’t matter what reasons or whether the reasons are valid (legal) or not – they can gang up on you if you don’t “roll over and play dead” even if you are within your legal rights to do thing your way and have its legal consequences.  In a business world, the termination of a contract can be initiated by either party if the end terms are met.  Otherwise, take the case to the court, and get a legal decision.  If Kang doesn’t meet the termination terms legally, sort that out the legal (or the $$$$$) way.  Gang up to impose a ban on him is just uncivilized.  It’s almost like saying – you are (legally) right, but I don’t like you because you don’t play my way and hey I am powerful, so I’ll get you a boycott.

    And note the same tactic the BIG HANDS deploy – use the media to defame the victim so less people like the victim.  I am sure details released to the media would all be negatively towards Kang.  And note it there is already or potentially a legal trial to settle the contract, Kang, at the moment, has to refrain from giving details on this case.  Kang has to remain in silence.  To the artists, I am sure this is a painful long waiting period and would feel totally helpless.  I think I see in one article that his tears are more than the wine he drinks.

    Bear in mind that Kang Ji Hwan had a really good (busy?) year in terms of his performance in films / drama after these years, and he’s a freaking exciting actor – he can be the really bad guy but still wins your sympathy, or the folk hero; he can make you cry your heart out or make you smile like you’re an idoit.  There must be a solid reason why Kang took this path.  It’s like you don’t hide out for a month from your spouse and ask for a divorce if you are happily married.  I am sure Kang won’t be so stupid to do something to have himself nailed.  Before he joined his current agency, the contract terms must be fully and thoroughly discussed.   But see what happened?  Even the current agency offers him zero support when the BIG HANDS give pressure.

    Park Shin Yang is the 1st victim.  We lost Jang Ja Yun.  Now is Kang Ji Hwan.  Who’s next?  Will that be your _____?  


    Update on Apr 2:  Kang has been casted in an upcoming SBS drama, Page One, to be aired after, On My Lady – this is a flavourable outcome for everyone.   We can see Kang soon!  🙂

    6 comments February 20, 2010

    Park Shin Yang’s Ban Anniversary

    Dec 5th, 2009 marks the anniversary of the unfair and unjust ban on Park Shin Yang by CODA.

    Since Park was banned on Dec 5th, 2008, thankfully, he didn’t quit exploring his acting career, he didn’t stop advancing his performance experiences, he didn’t give up granting his hoo-baes chances to do better in this same field – he keeps trying to be a better person.

    Sometimes I think Park might be viewed as fighting this for his own good.  But has anyone ever considered this as his fight for an appropriate status an actor / actress deserves?   Think the poor Jang Ja Yeon.  Sad things happened because the powerful view actors / actresses as commodities, as dispensible pleasures, not as respectable human beings.  Should actors / actresses just roll over and be stepped on?  Must they take “shxt” from the powerful?  Banning Park, as CODA claimed, was because he “obstructed the normal operation of the industry”.   “Normal operation” entails whatever favours the powerful.

    Help lift this ban.  Join the Counter Ban for Park Shin Yang’s Dec 2009’s Email Campaign.  Thank you.

    2 comments December 1, 2009

    Park Shin Yang Has Won – AGAIN

    Happy Birthday, Park Shin Yang!

    Nov 1, 2009 – Park will be celebrating his birthday with fans from Japan and Korea, and on this day,  a great news came – Lee Kim Productions, a CODA member, which refused to pay Park after the k-drama, War of Money, had lost its appeal to the Seoul Central District Court’s ruling on May 8, 09 that Park was legally entitled to be paid in full for the contracted wages.  The Seoul High Court (11th Division) has ruled on Nov 1st that Lee Kim Productions has to pay Park in full the remaining balance AGAIN.

    A contract is a contract.  Lee Kim Productions, no matter how many times you appeal, you are wrong for not paying Park. 

    CODA – why do you insist your ban on Park Shin Yang?  Can’t you see that Lee Kim is wrong again?  Why do you still take the wrong side?  Please reverse this unfair and unjust ban immediately!  Please, don’t ever release any more statement that Lee Kim Productions is the victim  (XYZ!!!).  Park is the double victim here – no pay and no work!!

    Someone, please, make sure Lee Kim Productions doesn’t just “fold” like that – please make sure it pays Park in full and please don’t let it pull some other tricks and let it go away with it – please!

    I invite you to join the Counter Ban for Park Shin Yang – on Nov 5th, send your email to CODA and its members and ask them nicely to reverse the ban on Park; thanks!

    News in English:

    News in Korean:

    Fighting, Park Shin Yang!  Hope to see you in a new k-drama soon.

    (Updates: photos from “Autumn, 111”  @ Grand Hyatt Hotel / Seoul (text in Korean) –  )

    7 comments November 1, 2009

    Park Shin Yang @ NYIT

    Park Shin Yang’s doing great at NYIT.  There are two postings at his Japan official fan site on Oct 5, 2009. 

    The first article was about logistics arragement due to a large crowd of attendence and it included comments taken from one of the five Korean students who received a scholarship to attend this course.  The student said Park Shin Yang’s passion of life and acting made him feel his own passion once again.  Professors of other acting classes also brought their students to join Professor Baek and Park’s class.  Many people were packed in a classroom.  The attenders were asked to open their hearts and minds for a frank discussion.

    The second article covered the agenda (lecture notes) of that class – a list of very down-to-earth, practical questions (see for yourself!).  At the end of this class, everyone applauded.  Touching, isn’t it?  Apparently there is no “language” problem – when it comes to acting, the body language is universal, isn’t it?

    Speaking of the Japan official fan site, there is a call for photos of 1 MB or less to be sent to the “Autumn 111” birthday party event organizer – theme is of course the birthday celebration for Park Shin Yang.  Selected photo will be shown at the party.  Deadline to send is Oct 27.  For details, please click here (in Japanese).

    CODA, you may ban Park from future k-dramas, but you can’t ban his spirit and passion in dramas.  The sooner you reverse the ban decision, the better.  People are not stupid.  They can tell what is legit and what’s not.

    Reader, if you haven’t participated in the counter ban campaign before, consider joining at least once – the next one is launched Nov 5th, 2009 – please check “Counter Ban for Park Shin Yang” out!

    Add a comment October 9, 2009

    SDA2009 – All Awards Announced

    The Seoul International Drama Awards SDA2009 awards ceremony was held at Seoul’s Olympic Hall in the Olympic Park on Sept 11, 2009.

    Many Korean newspaper covered the news.  Feel free to search for “SDA 서울드라마어워즈” and you will see a ton of articles about the results.

    I am only going to highlight winners related to K-industry (and Canada!!) – note these are my best guesses (if I made any mistake, please inform me!)

    First, no surprise to anyone –

    Most Popular Actor (voted by netizens):  Kim Hyun Joong (Boys Before Flowers)
    Most Popular Actress (voted by netizens):  Moon Geun Young (Painter of the Wind)
    Most Popular Drama (voted by netizens):  Boys Before Flowers

    These were announced on the evening:

    Grand Prize: Memoirs in China (China, Zhejiang Huace)

    Best & Excellence Drama 

    Single Drama (Best):  The Englishman’s Boy (Canada, Minds Eye Entertainment)
    Mini-Series (Best): Beethoven Virus (Korea, MBC)
    Series Drama (Excellence): The Slingshot (Korea, KBS)

    SS501 (where Kim Hyun Joong is a member but did not perform due to high fever and serious flu symptons), Park Hyo Shin (박효신),  Tae Yong (태연) (SNSD/Girl’s Generation) and Tmax were some of the performers of the evening.  Songs presented included Lee Jun Ki’s Il-Ji-Mae – HwaShin, Kim Myung Min’s Beethoven Virus – Can You Hear Me.  Park and Tae Yong performed MISA’s Snow Flower as a duet.  Tae Yong’s voice is really nice – it’s a pity that this key wasn’t Tae Yong’s range… (see the clip with the link behind Tae Yong).

    Source: (complete winner list at the end of the article; with photos!) (with photos!) (more photos and video clips!)

    2 comments September 12, 2009






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