平反六四 – 多倫多 89 – 64 = 25週年紀念

2014 年平反六四主題毋忘六四存真相  薪傳火種待黎明

2014年6月1日 ** RAIN or SHINE * 風雨不改 **

7 pm: 在中國總領事館前遊行集會(240 St. George Street)

8 pm: U of T 多倫多大學校園六四紀念碑前燭光晚會(Hart House)。


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平反六四 – 多倫多 “六四”24週年紀念

2013年6月2日 ** RAIN or SHINE * 風雨不改 **
7 pm: 在中國總領事館前遊行集會(240 St. George Street)
8 pm: U of T 多倫多大學校園六四紀念碑前燭光晚會(Hart House)。

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KLM Crown Lounge at Pearson

Wow all the years of points-collecting finally turned out sweetly:  a Cathay Pacific business-class flight out from Toronto to Hong Kong!  But this post is not about the fancy business-class seat, meal choices, entertainment system  or treatment.  It’s about the KLM Crown Lounge.

Mine was a red-eye flight, boarding at around 1 am.  Nothing opens at the check-in hour (3 hours before the flight); let alone the boarding hour.  Knowing that business-class passengers get complimentary access to lounges, I researched a bit on the business lounges at Pearson before heading to the airport.  First I landed here .  Oooh… it closes at 10:30 pm…  no….  Then I looked further  and found that Cathay Pacific uses the KLM Crown lounge at Pearson.  Read some dated reviews and then I dialed my expectations way low.

Upon check-in, we got vouchers to the KLM Crown Lounge.

The place is small, with some very 90’s furniture.  It has about 30 tables scattered in a L-shaped space.  It provides a limited varieties of newspaper and magazines.  There weren’t too many people there then, so air was ok, tho I probably would not object if someone claimed that it’s stuffy when packed.   There is also free internet / wi-fi access tho speed is slow.  Now, food and drinks.  Hey, it’s more than just pretzels.  It has cup noodle, soup, PF cookies, party-mix snack, toast, mini pastries/quiche, Chinese-style dim sum, fruit etc.  As for drinks, it has beer, wine and liquor, coffee and tea (above par selection), soft drinks, juices, water etc.

Being able to wait comfortably in this lounge at this hour prior to the boarding was a bliss.

Not the fanciest business-class lounges Cathay Pacific employs for sure, and compare to the ones at HK International Airport, this may be considered on the pale end, but it’s not the worst for sure, and it does not suck.

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Well… how about taking care of all these first:

  • 真平反六四,
  • 真通捉並嚴懲: 豆腐渣工程 & “自殺&包庇自殺”李旺陽的人,
  • 廢一孩政策,
  • 除一黨覇權,
  • 肅官僚貪污,
  • 尊重新聞&言論&集會&人身自由,
  • 真維護人權,
  • 真愛公民,
  • 不做洗腦動作,
  • 不將公民做棋子,



  • 有人維權, 說真話, 黨(“這國”)說他們擾亂社會秩序, 又要軟禁, 又要拉, 又要睡棺材倉,
  • 有BB還沒有出生要死, 有谷姓女子謀殺又可以不用死 (not that I favour life-sentence),


想洗人腦,教人閉上眼睛去信去愛”這國”?   No way.

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李旺陽 “被自殺” 事件新聞稿 – 多倫多集會

Toronto Rally on Li Wangyang’s Death

Canada-Hong Kong Link, Federation for a Democratic China (Canada), Toronto Association for Democracy in China, and China Rights Network will stage a rally in front of the Chinese Consulate at 240 St. George Street in Toronto at 12 noon this Saturday, June 16 (2012) to protest the sudden death of 62-year old Chinese dissident Mr. Li Wangyang at a Hunan hospital on June 6, just two days after the 23rd anniversary of the June 4 Massacre in Beijing.

Mr. Li Wangyang had been in jail for 22 years for active participation in the 1989 pro-democracy movement in Beijing and for organizing the Hunan Independent Workers’ Alliance. As a result of continuous severe torture in jail, he became blind, deaf and unable to walk.

The Hunan security department announced that Li had committed suicide, although there were numerous pieces of evidence against this official claim. Family members who asked for investigation into the real cause of his death disappeared soon after they made the request. Many other dissidents such as Hu Jia who commented on this case were interrogated by the security department or put under house arrest. A severe crackdown appears to be underway.

To join forces with the 25,000 people who marched on the street in Hong Kong last weekend to protest Li’s death, the Toronto-based community organizations will make a joint statement on Li’s death at the Saturday rally. They will also pay tribute to Mr. Li Wangyang in front of the Chinese Consulate. All are welcome to join the action.

六日十四日 – 就李旺阳”被自殺”事件新聞稿

港加联、民主中国阵线加拿大分部、多伦多支持中国民运会和中国人权网络将于本周六 (6月16日)中午12:00在中领馆前举行集会,抗议62岁的中国异见人士李旺阳被自杀。




Source: Tina Tse, ONMI TV reporter

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平反六四 – JUNE 3 and 4, 2012

On June 3, 2012 (Sunday), the Toronto Association for Democracy in China will hold its annual vigil to commemorate the Tiananmen Massacre happened on June 4, 1989, 23 years ago.


** RAIN or SHINE * 風雨不改 **

六月三日 (星期日) Sunday June 3, 2012

5 pm
中國政局研討會 China Forum
South Dining Room, Hart House, University of Toronto

7 pm
遊行集會 Rally and March
中國領事館 Chinese Consulate, 240 St. George Street

(between Bloor and Bernard (3 blocks north of Bloor) ** St. George Street is between Avenue Road and Spadina Road; don’t confuse it with “George Street” which is also downtown)

8 pm
燭光悼念晚會 Candlelight Vigil
多倫多大學六四紀念碑前 Hart House Circle, University of Toronto

六月四日 (星期一) Monday June 4, 2012

2 pm
民主女神像 (Goddess of Democracy) 揭幕
紀念方勵之 約克大學學生中心 (Commemoration of Professor Fang Lizhi – Student Centre @ York University)
* Wang Dan 王丹, student of Professor Fang, is expected to join this event *

平反六四 . 毋忘89.06.04

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K-drama trivia – 1

I think it would be fun to have a series of posts on Korean drama trivia.

Today I have 2 questions for the first in the series.

Q1 – This wine bar (to be exact, its backdoor alley) is featured in episode 1 of the Coffee Prince (where Eun Chan works as a temp and she takes the garbage out and she meets Han Seong and they share a plastic wrapping bubble sheet) as well as this 2006 K-drama.

Q2 – This 2011 K-drama is watched by the Hwang family in episode 36 (~ 34 minutes) of the Sparkling.

Need some hints?

Hint for Q1:  this is a cable drama.

Hint for Q2:  these two dramas once aired back-to-back in real life broadcasting period.

Have fun!

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Today this site joins thousands of websites in going dark to protest against the Stop Online Piracy Act.  While SOPA is proposed U.S. legislation, it has implications for all Canadians, including provisions that treat all Canadian IP addresses as if they were subject to U.S. jurisdiction.

Moreover, Canada faces the same relentless copyright lobbying campaign. From the much-criticized digital lock rules found in Bill C-11 to the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement to the proposal to extend the term of copyright protection in the Trans Pacific Partnership, Canadian copyright policy is increasingly shaped by the same groups promoting SOPA.

Find out more about SOPA

Speak out to your Member of Parliament about fixing the Bill C-11 digital lock rules

Tell the Department of Foreign Affairs to ensure the term of Canadian copyright remains unchanged

This site “goes dark” by posting this post.

Source: Michael Geist

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Triple Chocolate Ice-cream

What’s your ideal “triple chocolate ice-cream”?

Mine is a toss up between:

Yay) Dark chocolate ice-cream + hazelnut choco swirl + bittersweet choco thins

Wow) Dark chocolate ice-cream + dark choco swirl + bittersweet choco flakes


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Happy 12th Anniversary

Celebration rundown:

Sunday worship.  MacD’s breakfast.  Grocery shopping @ No Frills.  YE accounting.  Leftover homemade cake (Ginseng flavour!) high tea.  More YE accounting.  Vote Yes to Park Shin Yang’s comeback drama.   Fuel.   Korean + Sushi take out dinner.  (No dessert!) In His Love.   鄭秀文’s 不要驚動愛情.  Blogging!

Happy 12th Anniversary, My Love.   Many more happy years to come.  🙂

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