“The Housemaid” Stars in TIFF 2010

A-list Korean stars Jeon Do Yeon and Lee Jung Jae were in Toronto, Canada, attending the Premuim Screening of slick, dark, comedic sexy thriller “The Housemaid” in the Toronto International Film Festival TIFF 2010.

Screening schedule as follows:

  • Sunday September 12
  • 9:30:00 PM

  • Tuesday September 14
  • 4:30:00 PM

  • Sunday September 19
  • 6:00:00 PM
  • Note: Premium Screening indicates Premium Screening.

    Ming Pao’s Saturday Supplement magazine (Toronto edition) (2010.09.18) posted their pictures with TIFF as background.  The reportor mentioned that there was probably a logistics issue with TIFF that no other reporter, except Ming Pao, were at the press area to welcome Jeon Do Yeon and Lee Jung Jae.  TIFF got some eager fans to join the press area when Jeon and Lee came on the red carpet.  

    Jeon Do Yeon looked gorgeous!  Lee Jung Jae’s photo wasn’t too impressive, but I like him anyways!  In the photos, both crossed their hands in front.  This is another Jeon‘s photo released on Sep 13th, 2010 in Ming Pao (the photo below on the left side) – stunning dress.

    I wished I were there!


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    Park Shin Yang 박신양 in new drama “Heaven” 헤븐

    Korean actor Park Shin Yang is casted in a new TV drama “Heaven” <헤븐> which will start production shooting in November 2010.

    This drama will mark Park’s come-back since his last drama “Painter of the Wind (2008 SBS)” 2 years ago before he was banned by CODA (Corea Drama Production Association) with the most ridiculous reason.  The production company (a CODA member) deliberately held Park’s contracted wages.  Park filed a lawsuit against that production company.  Then CODA banned Park, claiming he interrupted the normal drama operations.  The Court has ruled (twice) that the production company must pay Park to honor the spirit of the contract.

    Park’s character in “Heaven” is a forensics expert who is mysophobic (“neat freak”). There will be intense medical challenges (forensic pathology), fierce politics in the circle and inner struggles (greed) – the Production Company, Apollo Pictures, has no other but Park Shin Yang in mind for this role for the depth this actor needs to bring to breathe life into the role.

    Production Company: Apollo Pictures (아폴로 픽쳐스는) (a non-CODA member)

    Director: Jang Hang Joon (장항준) (movie Manner of Battle (2008)) (co-wrote: Harvest Villa(2010))

    Screenwriter: Kim Eun Hee (김은희) (Sweet 18 (2004), The Snow Queen(2006), When It’s At Night (2008), Take Care of the Young Lady (2009), co-wrote Harvest Villa)

    Lead Female: Kim Ah Joong (김아중) (Sea God/Emperor of the Sea (2004), Accidental Couple/That Fool (2009); movie: 200 Pounds Beauty (2006))

    Broadcasting Station: SBS

    Schedule: Wednesdays/Thursdays (after “Daemul”); January 2011


    A group was started to help lift the (CODA) ban on Park Shin Yang.  Please support the September 2010 email campaign:

    See your email on Sept 5, 2010 or before.  The campaign strikes every 5th of the coming months, until the ban is reversed.  Join the effort to lift the ban as you are available.

    Thank you for your support!!

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    Memorizing Passwords

    We type our passwords in so many places nowaways.  At work – different systems and if you’re lucky enough to have a SSO environment, you only have one password to remember.  Otherwise, you easily have to type a handful different passwords each day for a number of times.  At home – email, social website, banking, online shopping, watching dramas, newsgroups, forums etc etc etc. 

    Question:  what part of your body contributes in the memorization of passwords?

    Would your answers be…

    The brain.


    Anything else?  Is that it?

    If I tell you:  your fingers.  Would you laugh at me?

    Yea, right.

    Fingers?  Really?

    Try this.  Pick a password that normally takes you both hands to type.

    Now try to type it using only one finger, e.g. your right index finger.

    Feel the difference.  If you’re like me, you may feel that you almost can’t do it properly.  Alzheimer’s??

    Do you agree that fingers play a major role in tthe memorization of your passwords now?

    Certainly.  The exact sequence and combination of movements of the fingers are part of the memorization.  It is because you type these passwords over and over again, the sequences and combination of these movements are registered (conditioned) in the brain as part of the password. To the brain, a password is more than just letters / numbers / signs.   These muscle movements reinforce the memorization.  If you take away this condition (the muscle movements), your brain has less hints and you’ll feel that it takes more effort to type the password properly.

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    UN-Happy Customer = Never-Again Customer

    Hubby had his annual body check this morning (Sat) at 9:30 am. 

    On the annual body check day, if possible, the annoying, unavoidable and logical task is to wait long at the lab for blood drawn.  (We usually make that appointment on weekend morning.)  We are drilled.  Hence we had a little plan.

    This lab opens at 9 am when the med building opens.  We’ve seen mobs waiting before 9 am, and as soon as the security guard unlocks the door, the mob would rush in and run towards the lab (on the second floor) – and forget about who waited first outside the building door.

    So this morning when we arrived at the med building, at around 9:15am, I went to the lab to get tickets  (for myself and Hubby), and Hubby went to pick up newspaper, and we would meet at the doctor’s office.

    I got tickets 36 and 37.   The display on the wall in the lab showed “16” (i.e. they had just served the owner of ticket #16) .  There were about 30 people waiting inside and outside the lab. 

    At around 10:15 am, after Hubby’s done and had the checklist for blood test, we went to the lab.  The wall display showed “34”.  Hey, that’s not bad at all – we’re 36 and 37 – perfect timing.  I thought we’re ok (you know that means we’re not ok – don’t you…).  The next ticket available from the dispenser was 68.  A lady who walked into the lab after us took a ticket from the dispenser and told us (out of kindness), “You need to take a ticket…”   We replied we already had tickets.  Then we heard the call-out for “29”…  “30”.   “How come the technicians advanced the display to “34” but they’re only serving ’29’, ’30’ “, I asked myself.  Anyhow, we started digging into the newspaper.  Then after a short while, I heard “44”… “45”.  Then I walked to the reception desk and showed one of the two technicians my ticket “36” and said, “Excuse me, I am ’36’ “.  One technician gave me her bitter stare and topped that up with an attituded speech, “You took the ticket and RAN AWAY!!  (Paused.)  Now get a ticket and GET IN LINE again!” 

    I was totally shocked.  I wasn’t shocked that our little plan didn’t work out tho I was disappointed.  I was shocked because according to the display, I thought they were serving “34” so I thought we’re ok.  If the display were showing “43” as it should have been, then we would just (sigh and) take two tickets and wait.  I was more than shocked she gave me that glare and lectured me.  Then I took two tickets and sat down.  “N” minutes elapsed.  I told Hubby, “Let’s go.  I don’t want to wait here.”  Then he said, “Good idea!  Let’s go.  Why waited so long; I read some articles already.”  I didn’t want to act impulsively.  I was also “cooling my mind off”.  As we walked out, I trashed those two tickets and threw that into the garbage bin.

    For lucky Ontarians, fees for most lab tests are covered in the health plan (OHIP).  A blood test “costs” Ontarians “nothing” (coz the fees come from our provincial taxes).  Tho it’s convenient to have all these tasks done on the same location the same day, as an Ontarian, I have my freedom to go to any lab and get my blood test done.  I told Hubby, “Why should I give them business if they scold me?!” 

    Spare me that “monopoly” attitude.

    Of course, the down side of this walk-out means we have to “fast” again for the next blood test, and have to find another weekend morning to go to another lab.  But I feel much better with the new plan.

    Did you read the subject of this post?

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    3 messages on Canada Day

    Today is Canada’s 143th birthday.  I just watched the Queen and the PM celebrating the birthday at the Parliament in Ottawa on TV.  Her Majesty looked gorgeous – love that red dress!  My Mom would second me, I am sure.

    My 3 messages today:

    1) Tho only a drop in the bucket, I’ll do part to make this country:  The True North, Strong and Free

    2) I am still mourning on the passing of young Korean actor and singer Park Yong Ha in his prime age of 33 – I’ll pray for the bereaved family and friends;  and I’ll continue to support Park Shin Yang, until the day he returns to the k-drama world

    3) I love my family.   Yes you, dear

    Happy Canada Day!

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    Park Yong Ha Lost To Depression?

    I am sad to say promising actor and singer, the leading actor of the winner drama of SDA2009’s Series Drama (Excellence) – The Slingshot – Park Yong Ha – was reported dead in his room Wednesday morning, Jun 30, 2010, Korean time.

    He was cited to have suffered from depression.  He appeared to have hund himself with a cell phone cord.  No suicide note has been found per Joong Ang:


    The causes of depression differ but depression is a situation that can be controlled.  Did we lose him to depression?  Did anyone work Park too hard, give him too much pressure, stop him from treating depression?

    My condolences to the parents, family and friends of Park Yong Ha – he will be dearly missed by many.

    July 1: Tho too late, I seem to gain an insight of Park Yong Ha’s performance – why he expressed himself in a certain way for the past years; why I heard a more at-ease Park Yong Ha in his songs than his dramas, now I seem to understand.  Too late now…  fans, you need to tell your fav stars that if they have health issues, you’ll support them and be with them when they seek professional help until they are all well – you really need to show that support – please show your understanding and support – afterall they are only human beings like us all…

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    Who Moved The Trees?!

    I had a dream last night.

    I was visiting at my old high school.  It was some kind of a sport event.  I was with other school-aged girls at the playground.  I commented that the school had planted many trees since I left.  It felt so green everywhere.  However, I noticed some people wearing white T-shirts digging up plants from the main staircase in front of the playground.  Most plants along the staircase were already dug up.  These people put the lifted plants in baskets and carried the baskets out the school doors.  I didn’t feel right.  I hesitated and shouted to them:  Who Moved The Trees?! 

    Next scene I followed these people to their bus – they sawed the trunk of the plants into logs and loaded them onto the bus.  (where did they hide the plants?)  I got the school girls to form a circle around the bus to prevent them (and the evidence of crime!) from leaving the school.  I asked the girls to take photos of the faces of the white T-shirts with their cell phones.  I asked the white T-shirts for their “work permit”.  I asked who gave them permissions to remove plants.  I called the police.  I felt organized (kinda proud of myself!).

    I told my Hubby about this dream.  He told me I was speaking English.  🙂

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    平反六四 – JUNE 4, 2010

    On June 4, 2010 (Friday), the Toronto Association for Democracy in China will hold its annual vigil to commemorate the Tiananmen Massacre happened on June 4, 1989, 21 years ago.


    ** RAIN or SHINE * 風雨不改 **

    6:30 pm – Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Toronto 中國駐多倫多總領館 240 St. George Street (between Bloor and Bernard (3 blocks north of Bloor) ** St. George Street is between Avenue Road and Spadina Road; don’t confuse it with “George Street” which is also down town)

    遊行 Walk to Hart House of the University of Toronto

    7:30 pm – Candle-light vigil before the Tiananmen Memorial, Hart House Circle 多倫多大學校園Hart House Circle的六四紀念碑

    If you can read Chinese, kindly refer to this Sing Tao article for details.

    平反六四 . 毋忘89.06.04

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    我家相公給我裝置了手寫板, 今天特此用來寫我網誌的首篇中文日誌, 以視隆重.

    上次去香港旅行時逛影音店, 偶然看到 Sammi  鄭秀文的新碟 『Faith 信』, 很欣喜, 也為 Sammi 讚美上帝, 未知音樂光碟內容, 已叫我家相公買了一隻以表支持.  回到家中數月, 把音樂光碟閣在架上, 一直未開來聽過.

    今天我家相公把音樂光碟在書房新置好的”退役音響組合”中播出, 才初次把所有收銾的歌, 閒着閒着的聽一次.  因為邊上網(搞東搞西)邊聽, 所以每首歌也只是”水過鴨背”式的聽着.  “朦朧”中聽到一首好像跟”等待”有關的情歌, 頗動聽的. 心想, 這歌的內容, 跟『聖經』中『雅歌』的二章七節(下): “不要驚動, 不要叫醒我所親愛的, 等他自己情願” (Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires  – 2:7b Song of Songs, The Bible) 相仿似. 直到重聽這首歌, 細看音樂光碟插頁歌詞時才驚覺, 原來歌名叫「不要驚動愛情」; 更令我感差異的, 原來填詞人是高皓正.   知道他是無線(TVB)旗下的藝人, 也知他是個基督徒, 卻不知他能填出這樣有心有經歷的詞.  歌詞如下:


    曲 – 歐陽業俊    詞 – 高皓正

    很想輕撫你 所以避開你
    寧願用距離 去令你好奇
    迴避過眼神 先偷偷喘氣
    吩咐手臂 放在原地
    傳聞浪漫太快 愛戀都走得快
    才會 遲遲未步向你 說一世愛護你


    情太過洶湧像深海 而我卻會忍耐
    還沒有相擁別意外 神教會我等待
    待情流像細水 才去承諾你
    拿一生兌換愛 (second time to Coda)

    很心急擁抱 所以在禱告
    求甜蜜以前 帶著你漫步
    遊歷過旅途 等一天終老
    生老病死 一起細數
    原來慢慢靠近 更珍惜這一吻
    而我 停留是為了你 要給予你護蔭 (repeat to Segno)


    能為愛戀學習按捺 情信寄進心內
    連地老天荒亦不更改 時間永遠等待
    等你情願那天 才去承諾你

    我用沈默叫醒愛情 你用期待做你反應

    在YouTube查看, 在此誠意推介兩個版本:

    Sammi 版本 (演唱會 HD 現場版)

    高皓正版本 (MV)

    小女子沒意要將兩個演繹分高下 (只察覺有數句歌詞在這兩個版本有些少出入; 感覺應以高唱的版本較貼近主題中心). 聽高皓正的版本覺得他唱得很穩, 很內斂, 相信是填詞人黑雲暴風雨後清澄的心意的表達.  感覺不再澎湃, 而是安靜的等候愛醒的心情.  Sammi 的版本我聽得流淚了.  看得出 Sammi 在處理這歌的 phrasing 上,  下了很多功夫, 令每句歌詞也很有感覺.  感情也極投入, 這在片段的尾部份尤其顯然易見.  投入得把喉嚨嗆了, 也努力的把歌唱完. 可能我想像力豐富, 覺得她的心頗激動, 顫抖的掙扎着, 很努力的在學習等候愛醒的心情.  我很由衷的希望將來Sammi 的 better half 可以回唱這歌給 Sammi 聽!  (我為妳祈禱, Sammi ! ) 始終有數句歌詞, 由女兒家唱感覺怪怪的.  多謝 Sammi 將高皓正這數年前的作品唱起, 不然很多人都會走了寶呵.

    高皓正已於今年2010年3月7日跟相愛相戀的女友結婚 –  謹此向一對新人敬祝倆人彼此造就, 互相扶持, 永結同心,與神仨同行, 一生共證主深恩!   Amen.

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    Park Shin Yang and Exam on Frankibots

    Last night I had the weirdest dream.

    In the dream, I woke up in a curl (like a shrimp) on a long bed on one end and Park Shin Yang (!!) also woke up on the other end.  He seemed taller and more handsome than I imagined.  He apologized (I think) and he jumped off.  We went outside.  He was standing at a T-section of two streets.  He was wearing a pair of eyeglasses  (black-framed),  a pale blue shirt and earth-toned khaki pants.  I am sure there’s more to it after that but I don’t remember now. 

    Next scene.  I was in an exam and this wasn’t a regular written exam.  I saw many human-sized robots on a staged platform.  Three were on the stage, and the rest were on the floor.  Each of them looked a little different, but they all looked wacky.  They looked like a crossover between Frankenstein and the Japanese human-dressed robots with head shaped like an eclipse and two oversized eye-patches.   One had a smaller mouth, the rest had a large mouth but some had small teeth and some hugh teeth.  Some had short antennas sticking out from the round ears, and some didn’t have antennas.  Some had their hands held together, and some had one hand sticked up in the air and the other held across the chest.  Each Frankibot had a unique combination of these characteristics.  Each Frankibot had a really long name, which was more like a random series of letters and numbers.  On the right to the stage, there were 6 combination answers.  Each combination had two names.  Then I “remembered” it was a Social Welfare class exam.  I was supposed to pick two out of these Frankibots described in the textbook of the class.  Boy, I asked myself, who on earth with the right mind would really study the details of these Frankibots.  But there they were in an exam question.  Others seemed to be expecting this, but I was totally clueless.   Ah – they got past exams, and I didn’t have any!  Oh that’s why they came prepared.  Then I started to hear my teacher (supposedly a guy coz I heard a male voice) mumbling about the description of the two Frankibots in the text.   They were written in the form of Chinese poems of ancient words in the text.  I had to decipher the peom and picked the answers.  I listened carefully.

    End of my memory on these dreams.  Park Shin Yang.  Ha!

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