Memorizing Passwords

August 13, 2010 jeansdream

We type our passwords in so many places nowaways.  At work – different systems and if you’re lucky enough to have a SSO environment, you only have one password to remember.  Otherwise, you easily have to type a handful different passwords each day for a number of times.  At home – email, social website, banking, online shopping, watching dramas, newsgroups, forums etc etc etc. 

Question:  what part of your body contributes in the memorization of passwords?

Would your answers be…

The brain.


Anything else?  Is that it?

If I tell you:  your fingers.  Would you laugh at me?

Yea, right.

Fingers?  Really?

Try this.  Pick a password that normally takes you both hands to type.

Now try to type it using only one finger, e.g. your right index finger.

Feel the difference.  If you’re like me, you may feel that you almost can’t do it properly.  Alzheimer’s??

Do you agree that fingers play a major role in tthe memorization of your passwords now?

Certainly.  The exact sequence and combination of movements of the fingers are part of the memorization.  It is because you type these passwords over and over again, the sequences and combination of these movements are registered (conditioned) in the brain as part of the password. To the brain, a password is more than just letters / numbers / signs.   These muscle movements reinforce the memorization.  If you take away this condition (the muscle movements), your brain has less hints and you’ll feel that it takes more effort to type the password properly.

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