Park Yong Ha Lost To Depression?

June 30, 2010 jeansdream
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I am sad to say promising actor and singer, the leading actor of the winner drama of SDA2009’s Series Drama (Excellence) – The Slingshot – Park Yong Ha – was reported dead in his room Wednesday morning, Jun 30, 2010, Korean time.

He was cited to have suffered from depression.  He appeared to have hund himself with a cell phone cord.  No suicide note has been found per Joong Ang:

The causes of depression differ but depression is a situation that can be controlled.  Did we lose him to depression?  Did anyone work Park too hard, give him too much pressure, stop him from treating depression?

My condolences to the parents, family and friends of Park Yong Ha – he will be dearly missed by many.

July 1: Tho too late, I seem to gain an insight of Park Yong Ha’s performance – why he expressed himself in a certain way for the past years; why I heard a more at-ease Park Yong Ha in his songs than his dramas, now I seem to understand.  Too late now…  fans, you need to tell your fav stars that if they have health issues, you’ll support them and be with them when they seek professional help until they are all well – you really need to show that support – please show your understanding and support – afterall they are only human beings like us all…


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