Park Shin Yang and Exam on Frankibots

April 21, 2010 jeansdream

Last night I had the weirdest dream.

In the dream, I woke up in a curl (like a shrimp) on a long bed on one end and Park Shin Yang (!!) also woke up on the other end.  He seemed taller and more handsome than I imagined.  He apologized (I think) and he jumped off.  We went outside.  He was standing at a T-section of two streets.  He was wearing a pair of eyeglasses  (black-framed),  a pale blue shirt and earth-toned khaki pants.  I am sure there’s more to it after that but I don’t remember now. 

Next scene.  I was in an exam and this wasn’t a regular written exam.  I saw many human-sized robots on a staged platform.  Three were on the stage, and the rest were on the floor.  Each of them looked a little different, but they all looked wacky.  They looked like a crossover between Frankenstein and the Japanese human-dressed robots with head shaped like an eclipse and two oversized eye-patches.   One had a smaller mouth, the rest had a large mouth but some had small teeth and some hugh teeth.  Some had short antennas sticking out from the round ears, and some didn’t have antennas.  Some had their hands held together, and some had one hand sticked up in the air and the other held across the chest.  Each Frankibot had a unique combination of these characteristics.  Each Frankibot had a really long name, which was more like a random series of letters and numbers.  On the right to the stage, there were 6 combination answers.  Each combination had two names.  Then I “remembered” it was a Social Welfare class exam.  I was supposed to pick two out of these Frankibots described in the textbook of the class.  Boy, I asked myself, who on earth with the right mind would really study the details of these Frankibots.  But there they were in an exam question.  Others seemed to be expecting this, but I was totally clueless.   Ah – they got past exams, and I didn’t have any!  Oh that’s why they came prepared.  Then I started to hear my teacher (supposedly a guy coz I heard a male voice) mumbling about the description of the two Frankibots in the text.   They were written in the form of Chinese poems of ancient words in the text.  I had to decipher the peom and picked the answers.  I listened carefully.

End of my memory on these dreams.  Park Shin Yang.  Ha!


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