Down With Love《就想賴著妳》- Taiwanese Drama

April 20, 2010 jeansdream
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I rarely watch Taiwanese dramas.  The last drama might be The White Tower (a medical-themed drama) and the one before that would be the Meteor Garden (1).  Years ago.

Recently I got recommended by another friend – she blogged about this drama, Down With Love 《就想賴著妳》- and I got curious.

Down With Love’s casts include:  Jerry Yan (言承旭) (member of F4) and Ella Chen (陳嘉樺) (member of S.H.E), Michael Zhang (張勛傑).

A cross of Cinderella and Daddy Long Legs, Down With Love is a heart warming story that even me at this age finds interesting.  The storyline is simple but the story is filled with thoughts and warmth.   The drama has nice music arrangements; the songs are nicely sung, and the director is very cool.

To those who are familiar with k-dramas, Down With Love, at a first glance on the synopsis, sounds like “The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince” by Yoon Eun Hye (윤은혜) and Gong Yoo (공유) and “Lovers in Paris” by Kim Jung Eun (김정은) and Park Shin Yang (박신양).  That’s exactly what I had in mind after I watched the first episode.    But I was pleasantly surprised – it’s not a copy cat.  It’s actually not a brainless drama (you know what I mean, don’t you) tho it’s an idol drama; it can even be quite educational – it makes you reflect upon your relationship with others and attitude of life.

I am not sure how the Taiwanese media critiqued about this drama, but I see a different Jerry Yan in this, than the one in Meteor Garden, and definitely not the same Jerry in The White Tower.  He has more than a pretty face.  Way to go, Jerry.

I also keep reminding myself that Michael is not Louis Koo – they just look like each other, and even the voice and acting are highly similar.  I’d love to see them side by side!

Besides GourGour (Ella), Yui-Ping (Jerry), Kur-Chong (Michael),  I am most delighted to watch DourDour (黃瑜嫻/小嫻) – GourGour’s elder sister, and the two little sister/brother – Yui-Ping’s niece and nephew – you can’t get mad with them at all (after you understand how they act like that).  The actresses and actors behind these characters are all adorable and convincing.

I like the drama title as well – especially the word “賴” – I’ve  read that this drama has (or had?) another title – 《就想著妳》- but “” highlights on the meaning  of “hang on shamelessly”.  When the two are in love, to be able to hang on to, or being hung on to, is a wonderful feeling!  Also note that the last word is “her”, not a neutral “you”.   The stronger one is not the prestigous lawyer Yui-Ping, but the naive, simple-minded, kind-hearted GourGour.

If you have time, give it a try.

June 8:  if you can read (traditional) Chinese and are looking for recaps – check this site out – enjoy.

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