Kang Ji Hwan – Park Shin Yang #2 – Another Bullied Victim

February 20, 2010 jeansdream
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I saw translated news on Kang Ji Hwan being banned by the Corea Agency Management Association for pre-maturely terminating his contract with the old agency.  Even his current agency abandoned him – Kang is left alone – he’s hanging dry all by himself.  That Association solicited broadcasting stations not to air shows with Kang, and asked agencies not to use him.

Again, the above are translated news – I have to see the original text to know what exactly is going on.  But I have the feeling that the BIG HANDS of the K-drama industry are once again manipulating / dominating / bullying its artists (assets).   14 months ago, CODA banned Park Shin Yang even tho Park won the lawsuit (both initial and appeal trials) which caused the ban in the first place;  Park’s ban is still on.

I know their cases are different.  But see the pattern?  It doesn’t matter what reasons or whether the reasons are valid (legal) or not – they can gang up on you if you don’t “roll over and play dead” even if you are within your legal rights to do thing your way and have its legal consequences.  In a business world, the termination of a contract can be initiated by either party if the end terms are met.  Otherwise, take the case to the court, and get a legal decision.  If Kang doesn’t meet the termination terms legally, sort that out the legal (or the $$$$$) way.  Gang up to impose a ban on him is just uncivilized.  It’s almost like saying – you are (legally) right, but I don’t like you because you don’t play my way and hey I am powerful, so I’ll get you a boycott.

And note the same tactic the BIG HANDS deploy – use the media to defame the victim so less people like the victim.  I am sure details released to the media would all be negatively towards Kang.  And note it there is already or potentially a legal trial to settle the contract, Kang, at the moment, has to refrain from giving details on this case.  Kang has to remain in silence.  To the artists, I am sure this is a painful long waiting period and would feel totally helpless.  I think I see in one article that his tears are more than the wine he drinks.

Bear in mind that Kang Ji Hwan had a really good (busy?) year in terms of his performance in films / drama after these years, and he’s a freaking exciting actor – he can be the really bad guy but still wins your sympathy, or the folk hero; he can make you cry your heart out or make you smile like you’re an idoit.  There must be a solid reason why Kang took this path.  It’s like you don’t hide out for a month from your spouse and ask for a divorce if you are happily married.  I am sure Kang won’t be so stupid to do something to have himself nailed.  Before he joined his current agency, the contract terms must be fully and thoroughly discussed.   But see what happened?  Even the current agency offers him zero support when the BIG HANDS give pressure.

Park Shin Yang is the 1st victim.  We lost Jang Ja Yun.  Now is Kang Ji Hwan.  Who’s next?  Will that be your _____?  


Update on Apr 2:  Kang has been casted in an upcoming SBS drama, Page One, to be aired after, On My Lady – this is a flavourable outcome for everyone.   We can see Kang soon!  🙂


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  • 1. kempton  |  February 20, 2010 at 2:57 pm

    This kind of bullying is just plain wrong and wrong.

    I wonder if K-actors will group together one day to form their own agencies, like the original 1919 United Artists in US. UA had some great stars for many years and produced some good films in its time.

    • 2. cb4py  |  February 20, 2010 at 11:56 pm

      I guess the key is to be able to have the broadcasting stations on your side (or, at least, not on the dictators’ side).

      Re: UA: Many A-listers (TV industry) in Korea have moved towards independent agencies that would have a focus on developing / promoting themselves and these companies would have to have a lot of money backed up to be autonomous. Less-financed companies, unfortunately, will have to yield and guess who’s made to pay – the artists.

  • 3. teka muna  |  March 24, 2010 at 1:36 am

    It’s not that i am siding with the management associations, but KJH should have seen something like this coming. He knows how things are run in Korea, he is old enough to have known that his former agency will not take things lying down. I think Kang’s success went to his head, made him think that he’s big enough to take on industry bigwigs without suffering for it.

  • 4. teka muna  |  March 24, 2010 at 1:46 am

    and please don’t compare Kang’s case with Park. Park was within his rights to demand the payment because the amount was agreed on by the actor and the production company. There was a contract, Park did not break it, the producer did. in Kang’s case, he was the one who did not follow the contract. So his former agency are within their rights to seek legal action against him. In short, Kang dug his own grave. He deserves everything that is happening to him. His big head/arrogant ways finally got him in trouble. There have been many Korean stars (even bigger and better than Kang) who also went thru some sort of problems with their management agencies but they bid their time and made the right decisions so they didn’t end up in a legal tangle like Kang. He is an adult, he should have known how to make decisions better. I think Kang is the prime example of a person who is all form but no substance – meaning that this guy doesn’t use his brain cells at all.

    • 5. jeansdream  |  March 25, 2010 at 12:40 am

      I see what you’re saying and I know Park and Kang’s “reasons” of ban are different.

      What I am trying to point out by putting their names side by side here, is that the K-industry doesn’t just “subtly” gang up against someone they don’t like – they do it publicly and they do regardless of the legitimacy of the reason. Contractual issues get “settled” the non-business ways. Does that not bother you?

      Who back the rights of actors and actresses up? Who can they turn to when they get these “bans”?

      Last but not least, I am not as certain as you that Kang is a total air head here. I don’t know how he got treated hence I can’t say his early termination of the contract is out of his arrogance.

  • 6. moo  |  March 25, 2010 at 10:18 pm

    All the comments make a lot of sense in their own way. I’m afraid the situation is far too complex with many variables not known to the public, to be neatly concluded to one theory at this time. Jean’s “Long arm of Big Brother” is the face this association presents itself to the public and all artists. If they assume that Kang JH “acting up” is immediately setting a “bad example” for other artists disputing their contracts to follow, then aside from their rampant abuse of power brokerage with other broadcaster/ production bigwigs, does this say something about the disorganized industry, AND their perception of court of law? That is, CODA bans both agency & Kang immediately, rather than act as 3rd-party arbitrator or go-between for the 2 parties in dispute AND the legal side of things. Doesn’t this agency have protocols more complex and “member-friendly” in solving disputes, than just waiting for sh*t to hit the fan, and BAN everyone in sight?

    Of course, is KJH breaking his contract a sign of arrogance and poor foresight, or a lack of faith/smarts in legal process, or something else?

    So many questions!

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