The Storm Warriors II 風雲 II (2009) – HK Movie

February 13, 2010 jeansdream
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The Storm Warriors II (風雲 II) is the sequel to the movie-turned-movie The Storm Rider (風雲之雄霸天下) released in 1998.  Producers / Directors are the Pang Brothers of HK, story is Ma Wing Shing (the manhwa creator of Fung Wan 風雲 (and Chinese Hero 中華英雄)), Action Chrorgrapher is Ma Yuk Sing, Art Director is Yee Chung Man, Special Effect is Fat Face.   Main cast includes Wind (Fung) by Ekin Cheng, Cloud (Wan) by Aaron Kwok, Nameless (Mo Ming) by Kenny Ho, Chu Chu by Tang Yan, Second Dream by Charlene Choi and the archenemy Lord Godless (Jud Mo Shun) by Simon Yam.

Because of my big bro, I watched the Fung Wan manhua when I was a kid.  I remember the characters but not the story.  And I remembered I like the first Fung Wan movie, The Storm Riders.  So when Hubby asked if I wanted to watch the sequel, I said yes.  We got the Blu-Ray version.

The storyline is easy to follow most of the time.  It is about a Japanese Warlord trying to take over China, and a bunch of marshal-art fighter-turned-hero trying to defend the territory.  Nameless was the top fighter but he’s poisoned by Lord Godless and he hurt himself fighting Lord Godless with remains of the poison in his body.  Cloud and Wind were then given the heavy task to try to boost their skills up to match Lord Godless in a very short time.  Wind took the path to deal with the evil spirits to enhance his skills, while Cloud became a student of Nameless.  Wind was supposed to only leverage on the power of the evil spirits and not to be taken control over by them.  But the plan was void when he pre-maturely quited from the course of the deal to save his lover, Second Dream.  The cost of that was he lost control over to the evil spirits and he turned into a nasty assassin of no past memory forgetting even who Cloud was and killing the innocents.  The female characters don’t have much scenes, but they play a key in several important plot turns.  The end featured a dual sword fighting between Cloud and Wind.

It’s a very nice surprise – this movie is very nicely made.  It intentionally kept the manhua style of story telling.  The combat scenes are beautifully and powerfully chreographed.  The CG is very nice.  The shooting is done elegantly – lovely frame composition.  The scenary is painted stunningly.  The color contrast is vivid.  Nice costumes.  And of course, handsome looking Ekin and Aaron are eye candies.  The duet song (by Aaron and Ekin) is nicely sung.

Don’t miss the special add-ons – the Making-Of, the interviews etc.  See the professional side of Aaron and Ekin behind the reel.

This film let you experience the power of Blu-Ray.  Storm Warriors II – bravo!

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