Cello Lesson #23 – Solfège Busted

September 9, 2009 jeansdream

It’s been a while since I wrote about my cello lessons.  I have been “progressing” SSSSSLOWLY.  Sometimes I felt like I was getting somewhere, yet in the class I played really badly.  Last week – my single takeaway exercise was to “make the strings resonate”.  What a blow… but I really need to do that.

Last class, my practice piece was Scherzo by C. Webster (melody style ABA).  It has a busy (étude-like) first part, a meno mosso expressive second part, and it closes with the busy notes again.  The middle part was my main course (hungry…) – it has a bit of shifting and it covers 2nd/4th positions.  As usual, my fingering is all over the place (I keep playing notes that marked with the number “2” with my index finger… sigh!!).  But that’s not the main problem.  I’ve transcribed the melody to solfège names and my teacher reacted greatly to that.  He said I was cheating.  I was supposed to play by the letter, not by the solfège syllable.  I told him that’s how I sing, and he absolutely hates it.  Honestly, sometimes in the class, he’d ask me to play a note (by the letter, like a F#) and I would totally look like an idiot and my response would be so retarded and he might have thought that I was evening-dreaming or I simply turned deaf.  When I play, I play the melody.  I rarely map the note to the Music Letter in my head (tho I roughly map the note to the note on music, but not the letter of the note).  I don’t work the Letter system when I play.  I won’t say don’t work with it “at all” but I’m far better with the solfège system.  This is going to be a BIG adjustment – perhaps a barrier for me to cross if I want to move further.  Argh!!!

Anyways, my solfège system’s busted now.   DXXX!


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