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August 30, 2009 jeansdream
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Seoul International Drama Awards 2009 – the voting event for the Most Populars is officially closed.  The following is a glance of the results.



SDA 2009 Voting Results Overall (KR+JP+Other)
Drama – Boys Before Flowers 22,269,957
Drama – Painter Of The Wind 15,363,439
Drama – Iljimae 15,360,064
Male – Kim Hyun Joong (BBF) 25,527,982
Male – Lee Jun Ki (Iljimae) 15,366,247
Male – Lee Min Ho (BBF) 5,416,123
Female – Moon Geun Young (POTW) 25,229,966
Female – Han Hyo Joo (Iljimae) 13,080,673
Female – Gu Hye Son (BBF) 5,110,458

I started recording the stats at 11:05 am (Aug 30 Canada EST) when the event is closed for voting.  I knew it was closed because I tried to click the Vote button at approximately 11:02 am and I got a pop-up window saying the event is closed.   But I found that the vote count was still changing… and I really don’t understand why.  For the past days, when I voted, the vote count would change at real time – i.e. I see my vote immediately after I voted, and hence I thought the count was real-time.  So with that assumption, as soon as the voting event was closed, the votes shouldn’t change.  But I found that not the case.  For example,  Moon Guen Young’s votes increased from 6,370,464 (at 11:06 am Aug 30 Canada EST) to the final 6,381,709 by 11,245 votes.

Another abnormality – for at least a day, I saw Kim Hyun Joong appeared three times on the top-10 summary in the “vote result in Japan” page.  That means something’s seriously wrong on the back-end.

I also had a couple days that I couldn’t vote at all – to be more accurate, I could vote for all 3 categories, but when it came to the final confirmation page where it gathered your information, it gave me an error and I couldn’t complete the vote no matter what I provided.  Not to mention that the site was slow in loading and for 50% of the time, I had to refresh my session for my browser would time-out and give me an error.

Last but not least, tho there’s a rule forbidding an IP for voting more than once a day, did you ever wonder how could some candidates collect votes so fast…  Let’s do some math here.  This event was opened from July 13 – Aug 30 – a total of 49 days.  Take the Most Popular drama Boys Before Flowers as an example, the total vote was 22,269,957.  Assuming everyone started voting on the first day – that would still take 454,489 votes a day to make up the total.   Now think – are there t-h-a-t many fans of BBF out there?…  P-e-r-h-a-p-s…  but highly unlikely!   In fact, there are several ways to beat this “Per IP once a day” rule.  Using a different browser is one way.  Another way is if you’re using dynamic internet connections (where your connection is assigned a new IP when you reconnent to your ISP every time).  Not to encourage people doing this, I am not going to describe in details, but it can be done.  Good intention of the rule, but if there’s a known method on how to beat it, then I think the rule shouldn’t be imposed at all.  Afterall, if fans want to show how durable and loyal they can be by repeating this loop action package *connect->vote->disconnect->reconnect* for their idols, it should be allowed for people with dynamic or static connection…    just my rant.  I’ve got to give these fans some credits – for those who mobilized other fans to ceaselessly vote and for those who ceaselessly voted, you’re persistantly remarkable and amazing – you guys swept KBS (BBF) / Kim Hyun Joong (BBF) / Moon Guen Young (POTW) the SDA 2009 Most Popular Drama / Actor / Actress award title – great fight.  🙂

Park Shin Yang (Painter Of The Wind) – he’s on the 10th rank (out of 37) in Japan, 12th in Korea and 15th in Overseas and has pulled in a total of 5009 votes.

These 2 gents are on the jury-selected Best Actor category, to be announced on Sept 11, 09 on the SDA 2009 Ceremony:

  1. Kim Myung Min (Beethoven’s Virus) is on the 4th rank on all charts, and has attracted 4,882,852 votes.  
  2. Park Yong Ha (A Man’s Story / Slingshot) ranked 8th in Korea, 6th in Japan and 30th in overseas, has gathered 11, 871 votes.

Regardless of the results, congratulations to all – may your drama career advance to be next level and may more recognize and appreciate your (and your production team’s) effort and talent.

Please continue to support the K-entertainment industry – help make it a brighter and better place.   If you can spare 20 minutes now to join the Sept 2009 Email Campaign to help Park Shin Yang fight his unfair ban, please visit this – you can send your email to CODA today (no need to wait for Sept 5 as all material needed is ready for use!).   Thank you!


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