Dependable Mazinger Hunter and Food Critic Chua Lam

August 23, 2009 jeansdream

I caught myself  a pleasant surprise.  “Mazinger Hunter” and Chua Lam paid me a visit!  … in my dream.  🙂

I’ve recently finished watching k-drama, The Slingshot (a.k.a. Story of a Man) (see here for my motivation).   I am impressed by Park Ki Woong‘s interpretation of “Mazinger Hunter”, aka Kim Shin’s Stock Teacher.  He is adorable!

And 3 days ago, I went straight to bed as soon as my hubby’s home after work.  Tho I felt sick throughout work, I managed to pull through without drawing any attention from my colleagues.  When I got home, I started to prepare for dinner.  I felt more tired but still not too bad.   Then my hero hubby came home and perhaps I psychologically knew I could collapse anytime, my body started crumbling.  I couldn’t even finish making dinner and I went to bed right away.  That night I had many dreams.  There I met “Mazinger”.

In the dream, I was feeling weak.  Mazinger Hunter was sitting behind a work desk.  I was standing next to him, on his left.  Suddenly I fainted and my head fell on Mazinger Hunter’s left shoulder.  I knew he would take care of me as a faithful friend, like how he took care of Eun Soo!

The same night in a different dream, I saw Chua Lam.  Hubby and I joined him on a tour to a traditional Chinese dessert restaurant.  There I saw a tray of bear-figured flakes made of cane sugar.  The store owner explained that these bear flakes are a substitute for cane sugar powder on soft tofu dessert.  Cute…  Then I saw the workers packing sweet rice dumplings into black plastic portable pots – cool-looking, modern containers for a traditional Chinese dessert store…

Perhaps I went to bed empty-stomached… ah I don’t mind seeing them again in my dreams, but hopefully not on my sick days anymore.  🙂

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