Soler Band- Julio and Dino Acconci (twin brothers)

July 6, 2009 jeansdream
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Soler recently came to Toronto as special guests for a talent quest organized by the local Fairchild Media at Wonderland.  I didn’t go to that event as my hubby wasn’t interested.  I caught their TV interview after tho.

I remember Soler (I even spelt their name wrong initially at the writing of this post as ‘Solar’ – execuse me…) as a music band of twin brothers who don’t look too oriental but had made their Hong Kong music debut couple years ago, and they’re quite fluent in Cantonese.  They seem to be a band with certain real music talents – I think they write and compose their own songs.  I think they both sing.  And they both play some music (instruments) (and now I think only Dino plays guitar during performances – hey but I could be wrong…).  Their first album were released in Europe but I think their ideal music style didn’t jive with the European market.  Having an edge on language, they got notice and acceptance since their HK debut.  Since I read HK newspaper (sometimes), I notice them as well.

I quite like their remake of the “Season of the Wind” (風的季節) (original singer Paula Tsui (徐小鳳)).  Quite nicely done – very rhythmatic and flowing.

For their other info, you can search on the web.  I just wanted to state one thing.  I used to think they look identical.  I used to think only really close friends would be able to tell who’s who.  But after watching the TV interview, I think I can tell them apart.

First, their voices are different.  If you listen to their conversation, you’ll notice the difference.  Julio, the elder brother, has a deeper voice.  Also, their speech tempo is different.  Dino speaks faster.  (I hate to say, I think during the interview, Dino made a mistake in describing Paul Wong (黃貫中) (another die-hard rock / music maker in HK).  But this mistake could be due to Dino’s Cantonese understanding as well…  He said Paul’s speech is sometimes 好浮誇.  Perhaps he really meant 好誇 instead of 好浮誇?  Or may be it’s my lack of understanding of the latest slang…  anyway.)   The two brothers sound different.

Second, they actually look different.  Their eyes are different.  Julio looks more mature.

If I only see one of them, not both side-by-side, would I be able to distinguish them? … … …  Hm.  I may, but not too sure.  🙂

Soler, good luck with your music endeavor.   I wish you happiness and may your dreams come true.  🙂


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  • 1. Papaji  |  March 14, 2011 at 3:27 am

    Hi – Jeansdream WordPress !

    This is a great site keep up the goodwork.

    I recently met Julio and Dino Acconi at HK Airport and we had a Photo shoot together and my camera did not work , they took our photo together in their iPhone and said they will send but it seeps I did not receive, maybe you could ask them to resend to me.

    I also had got their autographs and they both look great infact if you interact with them you can get to know them both better and differently as well. They both have unique qualities and likes as well.

    Thanks a Lot – Papaji

  • 2. Anonymous  |  March 20, 2011 at 6:39 am

    Oh my gosh they have an iPhone…?!

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