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The Toronto Association for Democracy in China has organized a series of activities for the Torontorians to participate starting May 31, 2009 in commemorating the most courageous acts of Chinese students 20 years ago in the Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China when the peaceful and patriotic month-long demonstration ended as a massive, merciless blood bath on June 4th, 1989.

Many parents lost their single, only child of the family – mostly students. Some children (now adults) lost their parents as well.

The goal of these commemorating acts is to get this tabooed event redressed – these students and citizens were not rioting mobs; they were not scheming a coup; they simply wanted a better-run country. The decision of ordering tanks and soldiers to crush and fire at the weaponless crowd was the biggest mistake that generation of the government has made, and any prisoners should be released and no one should be refused for re-entering their mother country just because they expressed that they wanted a better-run country. The families of the dead should be relieved from pain and grievances – only if the government can admit that their officers had made a terrible mistake 20 years ago.

Money cannot be used to exchange silence on this matter. If the past mistake is not admitted, how do one expect that the mistake won’t happen again?

There are so many (too many!) people still think that this massacre (government against its own citizens) did not happen. There are so many still accuse the dead that they deserved what they have done. If the government has done something so wise and so right, why is this still a taboo? Why arm Tiananmen around June 4th – if it has done something so brilliant and just? Why?

平反六四 . 毋忘89.06.04

I heard that there will be a vigil held in the Canada parliament to mourn for the June 4th casualties. I look forward to see the news coverage.

Lest not forget, and please don’t stop having/joining these commemorating events (2009)  till the goal is reached, however long it takes.

I won’t name names but I sincerely salute those who put in the heart and mind and soul on keeping this going. 20 years is not a short time. May you see the harvest you sow – a better-run China so all its citizens can have a better living. May you see your dream come true!


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