Noh Moo Hyun 노무현 Died of Head Injuries

May 23, 2009 jeansdream

This post is about a loved and missed ex-South Korea president Noh Moo Hyun (or Roh Moo Hyun) 노무현 who was found to be dead after an early morning hike on May 23 (Korea time). He died of head injuries at 9:30 am in a hospital.

He succeeded the presidency from the Nobel Peace Prize winner Kim Dae Jung 김대중 in 2002 as the 16th South Korea president, continued Kim’s policies and stepped down in Feb 2008 when the current President Lee Myung Bak 이명박
won the election.

He was investigated for bribery and corruption after his presidency. He is reported by the police to have committed suicide.

I am disappointed to see this news. May his family and friends be comforted. May those who loved Noh live inspired by his good deeds.

I don’t understand his death (suicide) note: he said : “… I can’t read books, nor can I write…” What does that mean???

I heard on the news that all investigations on the late Noh have been dropped now. I just hope that he wasn’t “offered” a way out for the sake of whomever took the money or on whom the money was used (Noh admitted and apologized for the bribery money accepted by his wife which he had no knowledge of then), and no one seized this opportunity to “wash clean” other dirty money and shovelled it under his name. The late Noh still claimed that he was innocent and he wished history would give him a fair statement over time. The wife will still be summoned for questions.

Having been a president in the past, this must be a tough man. Capable or wise or excel as a president or not, that is another question. But this man must have developed ways to take heat and withstand attacks. Jumping off a hill in a morning hike doesn’t sound like what an ex-president would do to wrap up the current investigations. What more would be more important and worthy than a person’s life? I just have this feeling.

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