Happy Mother’s Day

May 10, 2009 jeansdream
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Yesterday I was chatting with my colleague, a mother of 3, ’bout what she’s going to do this weekend.  She said, “Oh, we Russians, don’t celebrate the Mother’s Day in the month of May.   We celebrate it on March 8th.”  Then I said, “Isn’t it the International Women’s Day?”  She said, “Oh so you know this day.  Yes we celebrate Mother’s Day on this day.”  I see.

And then I talked to another mom of 2.  She is a Hk’ese and she said, “I am not sure how to celebrate yet…”  I asked, “So it’s going to be a surprise for you, a surprise from your children?”  She answered, “Oh no, I am going to decide what to do – it’s MY day, I just haven’t thought of what exactly yet!”   I see!

Then I asked the youngest lady in the office (a co-op student) what she’s going to do with her Mom.  She said, “oh.  I haven’t been celebrating Mother’s Day for 2 years.  I was at school (away from her home town).  I hope they will get her something, and I’ll chip in. ”  Then I asked, “Who are they?  You have a sister…”  “Two”, she said, “I have 2 sisters… I am the youngest.”  “So you’re going to get her a gift… nice.”   She said, “I hope.  I don’t know.  (wink wink) (silly smile)”  And I said, “yup, hope so, otherwise, you won’t have easy days for the rest of the year…”  And we both smiled.

Just thinking of my mom here – I didn’t know how she was going to celebrate.   But I knew if I didn’t call, I’d be dead meat.   So I did.  I think I’m still alive (shhhh… don’t remind her I didn’t send her a card this year)   🙂

Mom, 敬祝 母親節快樂!  Love you!

Happy Mother’s Day to you if you’re a mom.  Cheers!


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