Korean Actor Park Shin Yang Has Won

May 9, 2009 jeansdream
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Korean actor, Park Shin Yang (パク・シニャン 朴新陽) has made headnews in Korea and Japanese media on May 8th, 2009.  Ruled by the Seoul Central District Court – the verdict – Mr. Park was in his rights to get the pay he is owed by the Production Company who signed an additional contract with Mr. Park for the bonus episodes of the Korea drama, “Money’s Warfare”(2007) aired by SBS in mid 2007.  Mr. Park completed his work according to the contract, but the Production Company refused to pay him afterwards.  The Company claimed that the additional contract was an unfair one (tho they did sign it).   Now the Court ruled that the Company should honor the contract – in short – Mr. Park won the lawsuit.

See Counter Ban for Park Shin Yang‘s updates for links to news coverage.

This is a wake-up call to many.  Mr. Park has simply been exercising his legal rights in filing a lawsuit against the Production company which owes him money since the completion of the “Money’s Warfare”.  Not only was he not helped, to make things worse, he got a lifetime suspension from CODA – Corea Drama Production Association (where many Korean production companies are a member, sometimes referenced as Korea(n) Television Drama Production Company Association (KTDPCA)) on December 5th, 2008 because his filing of this lawsuit, according to CODA, “he refused to help out, he is too high-pay, and he has disturbed the K-drama production operation” and he will not be allowed to partake future k-drama production.

Once again, Mr. Park was not the highest pay actor then.  The highest pay actor did not get a ban.  Mr. Park did.

Once again, Mr. Park was a victim, and he took a legal action against the production company, then he got a lifetime ban.  Note CODA has recently unbanned that production company, claiming this production company was a victim.  Who is disturbing the K-drama operation here – can’t you tell?

Imagine you don’t get paid after you complete the contracted work, and you get a ban from your employer’s alliance (association) to blacklist you that prevents you from doing what you have been really good at doing (remember there’s a good reason why Mr. Park was one of the highest pay actors then – it’s because he is really good at acting and he’s well received by the audience) – that’s what Mr. Park faces.

Update on May 15th: CODA has already issued a statement that the ban on PSY is still on. CODA now operates above the court’s decision. How can an association be allowed to do this without having to suffer any consequences and why would the broadcasting stations do as told, even in this ridiculous case?

Join the Counter Ban for Park Shin Yang if you want to help lift this unfair and unjust ban.  Otherwise, at least you know the truth.  Some people really try hard to defame and slender Park Shin Yang since then.  Don’t be fooled.

Thank you!

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    […] k-drama, War of Money, had lost its appeal to the Seoul Central District Court’s ruling on May 8, 09 that Park was legally entitled to be paid in full for the contracted wages.  Lee Kim Productions […]

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