Park 교수님, 안녕하세요!

May 3, 2009 jeansdream
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Park Shin Yang will be lecturing in the Communication Arts program in the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) with Professor Bruce Baek starting this fall.

Professor Bruce Baek is a visiting assistant professor with the NYIT.  Park Shin Yang will be lecturing Professor Baek’s class. 

I did a little search on Professor Baek.  I reckon that his students rated him as a tough but brilliant prof and I see words like “BEST”, “MUST HAVE” quite often in the comments regarding this gent.  I also read that he is well-dressed – so well-dressed that he’s like a model (eye candy?).  He is a writer and a film director himself.  His work includes a film “Silk Worm; The Gift of Heaven” (nominated in the Best Documentaryand Best Directing categories at the Top Production and International High Definition Film Festival), and a commercial for a VOIP company called Voice Air. 

Can you see this interesting combination?  A top-notched actor and frequent lecturer vs a seasoned writer, director and university professor – both Koreans educating young generations in a non-Korean university – covering topics like how directors / producers should work with actors and vice versa.  Lucky them (students)!! 

Not a fluent English speaker himself (I guess), Park Shin Yang will be speaking loudly and clearly to these students via his acting – a universal language that everyone would understand by looking at his expressions and body gestures and hearing his tone in the voice.  Of course, Professor Bruce Baek will be translating.  😉

I am guessing that the first Korean phrase these students will learn would be “Park 교수님, 안녕하세요” – which means, Professor Park, hello!

“Hey Jean – this is acedemic.  You shouldn’t be too dreamy!”   Yes I know but I can’t help.  🙂

Speaking of Park Shin Yang, the 4th email campaign to help lift his unfair and unjust ban is coming up – May 5th.  Please join the Counter Ban force.  안녕하세요!   Counter Ban for Park Shin Yang, fighting!


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