Jill Vidal@HK and Joo Ji-hoon@Korea

April 27, 2009 jeansdream
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Jill Vidal, the twin sister of HK pop singer Janice was finally released from Tokyo, Japan.  She was charged and detained during her Japan trip on Feb 24th and then it’s officially announced that she was booked for using marijuana and possessing heroin.   She admited she has been using drugs over 100 times for the past year.  She pleaded guilty. The judge believed she was genuinely remorsely and asked her to promise her family not to do drugs again – she was sentensed to 2 years imprisonment, with 3 years suspension on April 24th.  She flew back to HK after.  Jill spent her birthday in jail this year.

Prince Shin of the very popular K-drama Goong, Joo Ji-hoon, a young Korea actor was reported to be charged for using drug on April 26th.  For details, refer to DramaBean’s article and her sources.

Damn those who lured young people to do drugs.  I hope the police follow the line thoroughly and crack down those who damage the lifes in the celeb circle.

Jill and Ji-hoon, regret and repent.  No one needs to give you a second chance – you need to earn it yourself and this is going to be much more difficult because you broke the trust of others in you first.  You  silly girl and guy throw that away yourself.  You have really done wrong.  

Do good.  Do better in the future.  People may accept you again, or they may not.  But you need to prove yourself to be trustworthy again first and this is not easy.  Be prepared.  But even if people don’t accept you again, accept yourself again.  Your family and real friends love you.   Love yourself first.  Then let others love you again.

I feel sad.  Say NO to drugs!

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