Brush Calligraphy Exam and Late for School

April 11, 2009 jeansdream

Sorry I was quite busy with my other things these days.   I did have many dreams recently but I couldn’t find the time to put them here.

Here’s one which I called my elementary school teacher in Vancouver up and told her about (she laughed a bit) that I think it may be interesting to write here.

In the dream, it was a school exam day.  I just finished writing one exam (forgot which subject tho).  The classmates were of the secondary school but the exam inspector was my elementary school teacher (whom I met in a recent trip to HK – she was co-incidently vacationing there).  Then the whole class was getting ready for the next exam, Chinese penmanship, including the students taking French (whom I also met @HK).  Don’t ask why French-taking students were sitting for Chinese penmanship exams.  O-M-G… I actually forgot about this exam completely i.e. I didn’t know I had to write this exam (this is perhaps one of the most recurring themes in my dreams – not knowing I had to write an exam).  I didn’t pack the brush calligraphy book with me in the school bag…  And – I didn’t have a brush nor an ink pad (or container)!  I browsed around and was trying to see who would have a spare, but honestly who would have a spare of such when these items were considered stinky and ancient nowadays!  My heart sank… Oh dear… Oh no!!  At the end, I had to report this to the inspector.  She basically “blackened” her face, and asked me seriously (read: scolding):  did you turn in the calligraphy exercise book after you turned in the Earth Globe model homework!!!  I hesitated and somehow I knew I probably didn’t, and I told her “you know me… perhaps I didn’t”.  I remembered I rated this response as “daring” in the dream.

I forgot what happened next , but that gave my teacher a good laugh and she told me that the exam theme was one of those recurring ones for her as well (and akham…  should I write this… would she kill me… the other recurring theme was being late for school… hee hee!).  I had that (running like crazy coz I was late – the road to the school etc) once in a while (and it was a big thing then) but I guess not as frequent as my teacher’s!

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