8th Cello Lesson

March 25, 2009 jeansdream

My teacher started with this question in tonight’s class – “So, let’s play your recital music; which one is it?”   Hee Hee – nice try…  I am not going to one… …!  🙂

Anyways, he forgot what exercises I was supposed to do from the last class.  So he asked me to play the Perpetual Motion in D Major, which was supposed to be this week’s exercise but I started ahead coz it looks challenging.  And since it’s not supposed to be this week’s official exercise, I didn’t give my full attention to it.  I played it “ok” …  it’s not too bad but it can be a lot better!

Perpetual Motion, in my own words mean “many notes, like a medley of scales linked”.  Scales – the most “boring” fingering exercises in the world.  So I made this fun to play – I tried to relax and play some notes with accents, and then I slightly rock my upper body (esp above the shoulder) along with the accents.  Hence, the teacher asked me to change 2 postures – 1) too much movement on the shoulder and upper arm,  and 2) stop moving my head!   He said I became a human beat machine.   I said I want those who are impaired in hearing to be able to enjoy my playing.  (!!!)   He said I’d look odd playing amongst a group of musicians.   I said I was just expressing myself freely.   He said cellists express their music with hands, not their head.   Owwww…  I’ll see how that turns out – he took away the fun… 

Sometimes my notes squeaked.  The teacher said either or both hands need to pull / bow  harder, and I have a tendency to bow too close to the bridge.   That’s true – I am reminded to pull the strings instead of pressing hard on the fingerboard, and my method to avoid bowing too near the bridge was to shorten the nailpin (so the cello would sit lower) but the teacher said that’s not the right way – I need to feel the position of the string and I can actually feel the difference playing at different positions of the string(!).   Last but not least, I need to produce more resonance.  Yup – working on it.  Believe me, I know and I wish too.  😉

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