7th Cello Lesson

March 20, 2009 jeansdream

This week I had my 7th cello class.

The teacher said I played better after about a month’s break.  Perhaps recharged, he asked?  I wasn’t drained prior to the break so I don’t think so.   I did notice my notes seemed “louder”.   🙂

I also picked up a song from my beginner’s cello book – Long Long Ago which I played many many years ago on the piano, and this song starts on the G string.  Somehow, I really like the sound of the G string and for now I think I like this string (out of the 4 cello strings) the most.  Tho it’s a little harder to play but I think I’ll master it eventually!

The teacher kept asking me to consider joining the summer recital.  I kept nodding “sideways”.  He said, there will be other adult beginners as well.  I said, no thanks.  He said, my other kid students need their parent’s signature to be absent from the recital.  I said, I can sign this myself.  I told him I don’t want to waste time just rehearsing a song over and over again.  He said, you only need to play that song once a lesson and that will do – it won’t waste much time.  I said, no thanks (again).  Not a cooperative student I am… 

This week, I discovered the first time a tune that really fits cello’s sound range nicely – Silent Night!!!  If I can play this at the recital, I’ll consider…  but shhhhhhhh, don’t let my teacher know.   😉


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