The tragic death of Jang Ja Yun revealed – outrageous!

March 15, 2009 jeansdream
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For previous coverage on the tragic death of Jang Ja Yun, please click here for Hanfever’s reporting.

Today I read about new news of this tragic death from Ming Pao (in Chinese), and I went “Holy Shxt…”.

According to this article, KBS News revealed her death explained in a 12-page will letter which claimed to have gotten this document via a special method.  The previous manager of Jang actually already claimed on the day of her funeral that Jang’s death was not depression-caused.  He had to hand over this 12-page will letter to Jang’s family (note her parents died in a car accident 10 years ago).  Upon receiving this letter, the family (Jean’s note: might wanted to have) burnt this letter right away, not wanting the content of it to be exposed.   So KBS News reported that on the 12-page will letter, which every page had her signature and finger print, she wrote that for the past year since she switched to this management company, she was forced to deliver services outside of what those normal actresses would do – entertained “bosses” (more than a handful of people were named in the letter), accompanied a director to a golf course, drank with him and even forced to have sex with the director; she was beaten with hand and plastic bottle in a locked office by her (current) manager; she had to pay for unreasonable misc expenses despite of her crummy income – these were owed to unfair terms in the contract, and she couldn’t break away from this crontract.

According to this article, the boss of this management company, The Contents Entertainment, Mr. Kim, is currently on a business trip in Japan.  So the media in Japan and Korean, instead of going after this Mr. Kim, now spend effort on the identity of this document.  The police now is investigating this tragic death again because this may involve multiple criminal offenses (initial reporting was death due to depression).

Did you say “Holy Shxt” too???

I cannot imagine why poor Jang Ja Yun would frame her management company and made up these stories, backed up by her own death.   And I cannot imagine what her previous manager,Yoo Jang Ho, would gain from fabricating this 12-page document and the story behind it.  I believe this is the real will letter of Jang, and I believe her last words.

Hence, I say here – SHAME ON YOU – you know who you are – you being the one forcing Jang (and probably many other girls or even boys) to walk the living hell, you (asking for and) receiving special services from Jang and others, you knowing about these all along but turned a blind eye on, may you reap what you sowed.

Jang Ja Yun,  we now understand what pain you experienced.  You couldn’t accept why you allowed yourself to yield to these evil things to pursue your star dream – I want to tell you that I understand, and I accept you, if you are brave enough to break away from this situation, I and I am sure others will support you – you will be given chances to stand up again – you don’t need to end your life – these monstrous beasts will go to jail!  But this is too late now because there’s no turning back for you now… and this is really heart-breaking!! 

“Jang Ja Yun”, I repeat from the bottom of my lungs – you don’t need to end your life.  Please don’t kill yourself.  This is your perfect chance to do something about it now – leave your company now – leave it or if they don’t allow you, then go public with what they have done to you.  A better road is awaiting you – you have a chance now! 

Don’t let anyone tell you this is the game of this cycle.  If you need to strip against your will to succeed in your career, unless you are willing, whoever told you that should be punished.  

  1. If they make you do this, this is called coercion and is criminal. 
  2. If someone hit you because you are not obedient and won’t comply to these sexual coercion orders, this is called assault and is criminal. 
  3. If someone use your previous sexual history and force you into doing something against your will and if you don’t comply they threat that they will make your history public, this is called blackmailing and is criminal. 
  4. And I don’t know about Korea but in Canada, if someone repeatedly makes unwelcomed sexual comments or touches your sensitive parts without your permission, this is called sexual harassment and is criminal. 

If your manager has any tendency to do so, I suggest you bring a recorder (e.g. MP3) with you, keep it close to your body and turn the recording feature on 24-hours.  This may become your life-saver – your evidence to go against the offender.   If you get this criminal evidence, make a safe copy somewhere (e.g. upload it to your PC or phone, if the device has a microhpone, then play the recorded portion to your home’s answering machine, or cell phone’s message box etc).  

Some one in this industry’s got to have a good conscious – you just need to take your time, ask around and find them.  Of course, you need to be serious in your career, and prepare yourself to handle your tasks professionally and you not only rely on luck or your appearance or your body.   Some good manager will help you if you help yourself to be a solid actor / actress.  Yoo Jang Ho of the Hoyaspo Entertainment sounds like a good guy for having the guts to expose this, for example!  Jang didn’t entrust her last will to the wrong guy so I think you can check him out yourself.

Speaking of turning a blind eye on evil things, I am here, again, calling for people to join force with “Counter Ban for Park Shin Yang“.  The real motive behind why CODA banned Mr. Park is still a big mystery as none of the reasons they gave supporting this ban is valid.  NONE.  What has been done to Mr. Park is unjust and unfair.  You can make a difference.

Last but not least, may justice be served.  And people, keep an eye on Yoo Jang Ho (Jang’s former manager), would you?  Don’t let him be the second “Park Shin Yang”!

Other sources and reference:  Hanfever (again),  Seoulbeats, Dramabeans, and if you understand Korean, YouTube has the Police statement at a press conference on Mar 16.  I beg that bloggers cover this and readers read this from a view of deriving social justice, contributing to help shape a better, brighter, and healthier entertainment industry.  If you see disrespectful and insulting comments, I encourage you to offer and reiterate your view on these comments.  Thank you.

And yesterday I keep wondering how closely the k-drama “On Air” (2008) reflected the K-entertainment industry…  and I wonder whether the veteran script writer Kim Eun Sook was trying to tell us something…  Just wondering…

Perhaps a question to the readers – is there an association for Korean actors and actresses to join??


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  • 3. boohob  |  March 16, 2009 at 12:29 am

    hi jeansdreams, i love the heart and wisdom of your blog, and want to add this latest “netizen research”:–288150&sid=Sb2MHvaIvUkAAFqkFHM

    this “Kim” guy who abused her, at one time had choi jin-shil, unee, & jung da-bin under his management!

    doesn’t it make your head spin? how accurate this is, i don’t know. but it sounds seedy enough as it is.

    i often see arguments about how chinese vs. korean celebs deal with scandal (e.g. gillian vs. suicide) – what do you think of that?

    btw i’ve been meaning to join the PSY petition, but it looks very difficult 😦

    • 4. jeansdream  |  March 16, 2009 at 2:21 am

      Hello boohob,

      Thank you for your comments.

      I don’t know Korean, but have tried to read your supplied url via Google Translate.

      On a quick review, I thought Choi Jin-Shil’s immediate reason of death was due to inaccurate internet rumor. Jung Da-bin suicided at her boyfriend’s house – which to me felt like a statement: “I am so sorry – I can’t face it anymore” and I read that she had depression. I think guesses are not necessary. Prove this manager guilty or not is the most important thing now and if other crimes uncover themselves, they will be exposed in due time. Leave the investigation to the police…

      If the girls / women who committed suicide really had something to do with this “Kim” guy or these management agencies directly or indirectly, he will be punished. If not in his current life, he will after.

      I am not pushing anyone to death – no – this is never my intention when I write on such in this blog. Anyone has his / her reasons for his / her deeds. Perhaps he’s taught by his seniors that these manipulations etc were acceptable practices, and perhaps since he almost never ran into problem, he thought it’s ok to do them repeatingly. I don’t know. If one day he repents, I believe he should be given a chance as well. But not now, not like that, not when he knew it would blow up and “took a business trip” to Japan. This is not a sign of repentence. Besides, if these deeds are proven, these are criminal offenses and the consequences are not up to me or you to say.

      Gillian’s stolen photos case doesn’t give me enough drive to write a post. Since you ask, I think it’s best for her to talk less and concentrate more on her work when she’s presented. I have to say that HK media is sometimes very judgemental and suffocating. But fortunately people are very apt to forget. They move on to a new topic so fast that you don’t believe it. How her company packaged her image is probably out of her control. What she did behind doors with others is no body’s business except the involved. She is a victim – no doubt. I am not her moral nor spiritual guidance so I’m not going to judge her here.

      Don’t kill yourself. If you have enough courage to think of ending your life, use that courage to think of a way to face your problem. There is always a better way other than ending your life. Don’t give up. Talk to someone you trust. Talk to a doctor (yes, your M.D.). Talk to a police. If you are so lost, talk to God. He listens to you.

      Do you happen to read Korean? Perhaps this would help understanding what ‘Counter Ban for Park Shin Yang’ does:

      To put the campaign’s monthly strike in a couple points:
      1) if you can sign up at the daum online petition (, please do so
      2) every month on the 5th, you can use the email addresses (provided by the site on the specified date per the schedule), and email CODA and the stations to tell them you want PSY’s ban lifted. You can write your own email, or you can pick up the email template from the site and use it (refer to the campaign schedule as well). April’s campaign schedule is or for the Korean 한국어 version:

      Does this help?

  • 5. Solam  |  March 18, 2009 at 4:42 am

    Hi there,

    If you want to become Yoo Jang-ho’s guardian angel, please sign up at this Facebook group:

  • 6. Kang Ji Hwan – Park&hellip  |  February 20, 2010 at 5:24 am

    […] Shin Yang is the 1st victim.  We lost Jang Ja Yun.  Now is Kang Ji Hwan.  Who’s next?  Will that be your […]

  • 7. Akanbi praise  |  February 16, 2014 at 5:01 pm

    I’m working on jang ja yun case justice will be done to the criminals.

  • 8. Lee min Ha  |  February 16, 2014 at 5:06 pm

    I’m working on jang ja yeon case, justice have to be done.

  • 9. Akanbi praise  |  February 16, 2014 at 5:18 pm

    How sad! jang ja yun is an introvert she keeps all the pains to herself. How i wish she is not dead!

  • 10. Akanbi praise  |  February 16, 2014 at 5:26 pm

    Hi there! People involved in jang ja yun’s death are: lee jae young,jun seho & so on.

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