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February 7, 2009 jeansdream
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Tonight we rented another HK movie DVD – Legendary Assassin 狼牙 by co-directed by Wu Jing  吳京、and Nicky Li 李忠志, (both also their debut as a director) a HK martial arts movie released in December 2008. 

Cast include:  Wu Jing as Ah Bo, Celina Jade as Hiu Wao, Sammy Leung, Hui Siu-hung, Alex Fong, Kou Zan Weng, Aoyama Noriko, Ronald Cheng, Kara Hui (Wei Ying-hung).  The 3 big guys (one being a ‘giant’).

The storyline is straight-forward.  It’s about Ah Bo forced to stay on an island after his assassination task, rescued Hiu Wao who was falling from a tree trying to rescue her cat.  She turns out to be a cop and how they develop feelings after and how he responded to his feelings.

This is a hard core martial arts movie.  You won’t see a lot of blood bath scenes, like Kill Bill.  The stimulation probably came from some very serious (jaw dropping) fight choreography and stunts.  Most are nicely done and a roof-top self-defense technique exchange scene is even romantic.  The rain scene, in my opinion, resembles the final fight scene, also in rain, in The Matrix Revolutions.  The giant-vs-Ah Bo fight scene was intriguing.

While you thought the fight scenes looked so real, they were as realistic as they could be – somebody’s head really got kicked, somebody’s chest really got yanked etc.  You will hear that in the Making Of.   I have a lot of respect of the stunts.  But I want to see them all healthy and safe when they grow old.  I think the filming industry is about entertaining people by creating illusions.  By that, I think everyone should be properly protected.  While real fight scenes may appeal to some fans, but in the long run, this is a vicious cycle.  I don’t want people getting hurt because there’s such a demand.  My heart aches when I see these fight scenes.

I am surprised – exactly at the time while I was thinking – what a typical hero-saving-his-girl (aka stupidity in my dictionary) act – at the end, my tears rolled down the cheek.  I must be tense hence my body involuntarily fell for its first release exit.

I quite like the ending tho I still don’t quite understand it. 

<Spoiler alert.>  Did someone hire Ah Bo to do this job?  If not, then why did he bother to do this?  I know about the bad thing the headless guy did, but what did that have to do with Ah Bo?  Any one? </Spolier alert>

Wu Jing is charming!  I saw one or two of his previous movies, didn’t leave me with that impression at all.  Yes I know he can fight.  In this movie, he’s directing plus he’s also the lead actor.  And he does not only excel in fighting, I think he handles the drama portion (his emotions) quite well too.   I keep telling my hubby he looks like Leon Lai.  Any one thinks alike?

Celina Jade is lovely!  I don’t know if she has any experiences in dramas or movies before, but she is pretty and cute with an elegant touch.  She takes this role well – didn’t over or under act.  Tho if some one has to be mean…  her (english) accent doesn’t sound like a local-born HK-ese’s accent.  But then I also wasn’t sure if her role was educated in a special school for the second-generation kids of the westerners working/living in HK.  Her cantonese is actually quite good.  So I think this criticism may not really hold.  🙂  I enjoy her presense and I think this couple sparks some interesting chemistry.

Most of the supporting cast deliver their roles well.  I think Aoyama’s expressions are ‘awkward’ – is she trying to show a woman inbetween insane and outrageous?  I don’t quite get her…

But overall an entertaining movie.  Please promise your next movie will have more protected measures done for your lovely and dedicated stunts – just don’t allow people kicking people’s head like that for real – that’s anti-entertainment.  It’s real-life torture and I will ban you.  I am serious!


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