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February 1, 2009 jeansdream
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Last night we rented a DVD movie home – The Beast Stalker 証人 (2008), a HK movie.

Cast: Nick Cheung Kar-Fai, Nicholas Tse Ting-Fung , Zhang Jing-Chu, Liu Kai-Chi.  (The twin little girls are adorable.)

The story is about 4 groups of people whose fate became mingled after a car crash.  It is not overly intriguing.  It’s about the struggle of the social vs family role.  It’s about consciousness and needs.  It’s very down-to-earth.  The characters are identifiable.   It is sincere. 

Nick Cheung won the 15th Best Actor award winner of the HK Film Critics Society Awards (Traditional Chinese: 香港電影評論學會大獎) with his excellent interpretation of a ruthless thug  / hooligan who would do anything that gets him money fast.  He deserves this award.  But I have seen a better Nick before.  I forgot the name of the movie, but it’s about his character returning to the police force after being a successful mole, and the adjustment after his return.  There I saw a very impressed Nick Cheung.  I am not disappointed here tho – don’t get me wrong ok?

Kai-Chi is good as usual.  He’s always a great actor.

Jing-Chu is pretty.  Her wardrobe was a bit too pretty for her role, I think?  Perhaps it’s my stereotype of an image of a prosecutor.  Not sure.  Not her problem, but I think her role doesn’t hit the keenest qualities of a mother and hence her body language is kind of “restrained”.  IMHO, a mother would do more in certain scenes.

You will also see a different (maturing) Nicholas Tse.  He tries very hard to be “settled” but I think he’s trying too hard.  This doesn’t bother me too much tho, as I appreciate someone who’s trying his best to live up to the script’s requirement, and with this attitute, you can only get better, so I welcome this attempt.  On a side note,  he’s a bit of a walking skeleton.  He is so skinny – I hope he’s healthy!  Dedication is great.  But please make a safe movie.  (I agree with the Action Director, Stephen Tung Wei, on this aspect.)  I want to see more of your future movies!

Good job, director/co-writer Dante Lam.  No major complain except I just wish the camera can be a little more steady – the shaky and choppy style is not my cup of tea tho it may help convey a restless / pushy atmosphere but it makes me feel slightly neaseous.

My fav line of the movie:  (King (or Jing) (by Nick): Do you want a chicken leg?)  Ling Ling: … with salad. 

2 interesting points:

1) Nick’s wife in real life, Esther Kwan, did the v.o. for King’s paralyzed wife in this movie 

2) don’t miss the bonus material/documentary, e.g. the “Making Of” – you’ll see how this film shot the key car crash / rollover scene – it’s halarious.  You’ll also have a glance of Nicholas Tse’s dad (visit @ a filming location).  It has english subs.


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    […] Lam and the writer is Jack Ng.  This is the second movie they made together; the first one was The Beast Stalker (2008).  Cinematography is by Cheung Man-Po and Editing is by Angie […]

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