3rd Cello Lesson

January 15, 2009 jeansdream

I am guilty of leaving my new-born aside or put it this way – not giving as much needed attention to it as I should have for the past week.  My cello, that is.

Still, I managed to do my D major scale in the 3rd lesson ok…  ok in my standard.  Notes are almost always on.  🙂

But I have 2 major adjustments to do after the class.  

First, my right hand.  My teacher said I haven’t really used my arm when bowing.  Ehh?  He meant I only used my hand and wrist, but not the lower arm and my upper arm isn’t supposed to move that much…  Eeeeeehhhhhhh?  I am trying to let the concept sink a bit…  I think I am getting there today in my practice.  But my arm hurts a bit and my hubby said it’s not suppose to hurt – so I think I have misused my energy there.  Let it sink… let it sink…

Secondly, my left hand is wrong too.  This time, not the position or the angle of the hand (I got that last week).  It’s how I press on the strings – again how I use my energy.  My teacher said I used all the force on the finger tips now.  I am supposed to use the whole hand to pull the cello back when I make a note.

Oh – just the two hands are wrong…  is anything right?   Oh, to add to my mistake list, I nod my head when I am accenting the first beat of every foursome of 16th notes.  (I do that all the time when I am conducting – it’s part of my body language – my head and body “sing” along with the choir…)  Bad…   (really?  really?) 

It’s fun coz I have so much room for improvement…  when every thing’s bad, I am bound to do something better eventually!   🙂


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