Sohpie’s Revenge as C1 headnews @ HK newspaper on Jan 8, 2009

January 8, 2009 jeansdream
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Two major Chinese newspapers in HK had the filming of the new movie Sophie’s Revenge (2009) as the headnews of the entertainment section on Jan 8, 2009.  The production crew is now in Tianjin, China.  Tianjin was the city co-hosting 2008 Olympics with Beijing.  Cast includes So Ji Sup as Jeff, Zhang ZiYi as Sophie and Fang BingBing who will be Zhang’s love rival for So Ji Sup in the movie.  The filming has started in November 2008 in Beijing, and the set is now moved to Tianjin.

You might ask how come this China-Korean movie got onto C1 (entertainment section is C, and C1 means the first page of the C section) headnews?    Usually I check the HK newspaper for news related to Korean stars.   Sure, Zhang ZiYi is international, and So Ji Sup is also famous.  Having a filming crew in Tianjin won’t make the filming of Sohpie’s Revenge head news tho.

Good that’s it’s not like some one’s hurt or some one’s quitting or the production company cheating the cast or some association bans an actor in this cast (sorry; couldn’t resist as I still don’t see an apology from the Korea Television Drama Production Company Association to Park Shin Yang, and I won’t give up easily).  Bad that it became headnews because unfortunately some photos were released in the newspaper / magazine just within these 2 days – they were about a vacation trip of Zhang and her fiancé sun-bathing in Caribbean.

So the shooting of Sophie’s Revenge came under the spotlight because this was the first shooting of Zhang after the photos were released.  The media wanted to know if Zhang could “behave properly” after such incident.

I am sick of the media doing this to celebs.  I absolutely despise those who turned personnal photos into big deals, making big fuss on the media.  There’s no respect of people’s privacy.  This is even worse if you are a celeb – you almost have to be a saint, or be a hollow man to be insolated from scandals.  If you don’t smile, it will be interpreted as “you had a fight with your lover”.  If you don’t hold your lover’s hand, then it will be written as “your relationship must have turned sour”.

Is this how you educate your readers?  Is this what you want the next generation to learn?  Is this how you want your kid to be raised?

Sorry for the rant. 

Anyhow, let’s go back to So Ji Sup.  🙂  At least the headnews mentioned and posted a photo where So Ji Sup in a black suit proposed to Zhang in front of a snow-covered staircase and the comment on the filming process was a positive one (that the actors were professional yalda yalda yalda).  Too bad the handsome face of So Ji Sup wasn’t shown, but So Ji Sup looked tall and broad even when he’s knelt down and Zhang looked good in her trendy outfit – extra-long white knitted scarf wrapped around the neck, long white coat buttoned up all the way and long-length blue skirt.  And finally, in one newspaper (appledaily) when So Ji Sup was mentioned, he’s referenced as the Korean star from the popular MISA drama (aka I am Sorry I Love You).  So I guess among all the work So Ji Sup’s involved, people in HK still know this drama best.  I hope very soon, more dramas will be added to reference So Ji Sup, like Cain and Abel, Movie is Movie movie etc, or even “Rapper G” soon!

Not sure how this will help the box office, but I do hope it will do well, so more fine Korean stars get introduced to broader audiences.

So Ji Sup and Zhang ZiYi – Fighting!  Hope you all have a pleasant and rewarding experience with this film.


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