My 2nd cello class

January 7, 2009 jeansdream

Last  evening I had my long-waited cello lesson.  The first class was 3 weeks ago.  Gosh, I have never been this diligent as a student!  🙂

Perhaps I was so anxious about this that I actually dreamt about having the 2nd class last week.  Since the last class, I had so many questions that I reminded myself repeatedly that I had to ask them.  One of them being how to and when to apply rosin to the bow.  So in the dream, it started off with the teacher talking about other things for a long time, and when I raised this q up, he said it’s time to wrap up the class.  🙂

So surely, this was the first thing I asked.   And now I know:  slightly drag the bow and it should leave a mild white trail.  He “demonstrated” that with his hand.  And he confirmed my suspection that my bow did need much more rosin than it had.  So he applied the rosin on my bow, and now I also know that the rosin may only leave some scratch marks, and it shouldn’t be like “butter spreading over the bow”.  He said I can use sand paper on the new rosin first if wanted.  Anyways, I did hear the difference in the volume of sound the bow produced after – it’s louder.  Voila!

Then I showed my teacher the fruit of my practice:  legato bowing and he’s pleased (!!!!!!).  (calm down, girl!!)   He said I played to softly.  Then I asked if I was supposed to make loud sound by “digging” the bow onto the string, and he said yes.  So I asked him why the sound I heard on concerts / or k-pops was not loud at all.  Then he said those musicians used controlled force, which I think I understand – meaning – that will come with practice like months or years.  Kay.  “a la saw”.  Got that.  So I will be “digging” harder, until then.

In the middle of the lesson, my teacher, once again, suggested perhaps I should try out a three-quarter sized cello, and I, once again, “enthusiastically” declined / postponed / objected (eh… did I just said object…) by saying I would practice very hard and asked to see if I really should use a three-quarter in a month’s time.   This is like a blow to my confidence to need to down-size…  I will really try hard.  I will!

So this week, my homework is to do an one active D major scale.  (oooooo  that’s so exciting … … …)

My fingers (left hand) hurted like crazy. I most probably just used excessive force.  I know it will be ok in time.  I also, once again, “prove” to myself that I am not a genius in cello, for as soon as I started to use the left hand, my bowing sucked big time!  Oh boy, the sound I made was embarrassing even to myself.  :O

I was so happy that my hubby accompanied me last night so he watched how I played and witnessed all the bad postures that I needed to correct.  He was my USB and I’ll ask him to upload his memory when I sit in front of a mirror practicing.  So good.  Of course, he volunteered to carry the heavy case for me all the way.  “good boy.”  Hee Hee.

Oh I also had my first official cello book ($10).  I took a look at home and recognized some songs I played (on the piano) as a kid like Long Long Ago, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  Now I have more questions for the next class – the notations seem different.

Ah.  Dinner time.  My smoked duck smells good.   🙂

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  • 1. kempton  |  January 8, 2009 at 12:17 am

    Sounds like you are having lots of fun.

    Here is a link to some Cello Lessons on YouTube, see if they are any good. The teacher sounds funny but he may know a thing or two (I couldn’t tell),

    Also, see if the library has some DVDs of Cello lessons that you can borrow to watch and learn.

    Have fun.

  • 2. jeansdream  |  January 8, 2009 at 12:46 am

    Good tip and thanks for the link! There are quite a few of such out there – I did some research before I signed up for lessons. 🙂

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