Park Shin Yang – Aza Fighting!!!

January 3, 2009 jeansdream
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Further to my post re: the brutal/unfair/unjust ban on Park Shin Yang, I’ve read today that Park Shin Yang has announced that he will set up a 30-year scholarship to help an outstanding student of Theatre Arts  in his alma mater “mother university” – Dongguk University.  Each year a top student will be given half of the two seminors’ school fees by this scholarship.  He was inspired by his respected sunbae that when he’s not sure of what to do in the present, then start from doing something he will not regret in 5  years.  Taking up “Painter of the Wind” was one.  Setting this 30-year scholarship was another one.

This act reflect’s Park Shin Yang’s dedication, respect and belief of acting.  He not only cares for himself as an actor, he also considers and actualizes cultivating and supporting new comers (hoobaes) who share the same passion like himself.

If Park Shin Yang will personally interview and select this scholarship winner, and even spend time sharing his experience with this awarded hoobae and tutor this hoobae a little, it must be so nice.  I am also sure Dongguk University appreciates this nice gesture.  I wished I had an experienced and sincere mentor when I started out working.

Park Shin Yang Ssi, thank you for trying your best in your acting roles, thank you for internalizing and externalizing the characters, and thank you for caring for your hoobaes even in times less favourable to you.

I still stand that the Korea Television Drama Production Company Association owes you an apology and it should revoke the ban.

Park Shin Yang Ssi, aza aza FIGHTING!


Updated on March 21, 2009:  

Here is an online petition set up at Daum Agora (one of the biggest Korean portals).  If you understands Korean, you can sign up and show your support by signing at this petition.

If you don’t know Korean, you can join the monthly email campaign organized by the ‘Counter Ban For Park Shin Yang‘.


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  • 1. teresa  |  July 20, 2009 at 1:28 am

    pls lift the ban for mr park shin yang….

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