Don’t Kill Park Shin Yang

December 7, 2008 jeansdream
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I read on the newspaper today that Korean actor Park Shin Yang filed a claim against the production company of the k-drama Money’s Warfare (aka War of Money) for not paying Park on the work done for the 4 bonus episodes of this series, added after the original series was completed.  As a result, not only does Park not get his contracted pay (about 7.2 billion won), he now has to face a “permanent ban” from the Korea Television Drama Production Company Association (where many Korean production companies are a member) to work in future TV productions, and the production company will also be denied by Korea TV stations for broadcasting its productions.

Isn’t this what a contract is about?  Two parties exchanged things they want and a written contract protects both parties in the event either one party bails out / doesn’t fulfill the contracted terms.

Was Park too expensive?  Well, is Angelina Jolie too expensive?  Is this car too expensive?  Is this Plasma TV too expensive?  If you don’t think it’s worth the ask, very well, don’t pay for it then.  Walk away.

I am really troubled here that this association (where its members (production companies) voted and hence) decided that Park should be punished for initiating this lawsuit.  Why is a third party decided that this contract is, in my words, “absurd and outrageous”, that when Park was agreed to be paid for the production company for $XXX per episode and filed a lawsuit when he’s not paid up, and Park has to be banned for “being too expensive” and was “unwilling” to “not get paid” just to help out the bad economy???

Sure now the economy is bad.  And if new contracts will be signed, then reconsider the price.  I am sure any sensible person would do this.  Or else, sit on the bench and wait.  It’s all “demand and supply” – like seasonal seafood price – sell higher when the buyer can pay more, and sell lower when the buyer can’t pay that much. 

What’s more outrageous to me is the implication of this voted decision.  Think for other Korean actors and actresses.  If they don’t get paid for their work, must they yield and agree to some “discounted” wage??

Please, don’t kill Park.  He is a really fine actor.  He has a family and a small kid to raise.  He’s just doing what he’s entitled to. 

Can Park sue this association for this decision (which implies Park is a “heartless” person) for image damage?  Perhaps he can legally.  But I hope this matter can be resolved outside of the court and I hope the association can revert this decision and apologize to Park.

I also hope that other Korean actors and actresses, and possibly any one working for the industry, can come out and support Park.

I would be so mad if I were Park!!!  And it would be such a great loss if Park was really banned for future K-drama TV productions!!  He’s not the most handsome (in my eyes, my hubby is the most handsome guy!) but his acting is really dynamic and fine, like Lee Bum Soo.  I would be so sad if Park is killed like this!!!!!!!!

Shin Yang Ssi and Park Puyin, I am with you on this.  You have my support from half around the world.

If you read Korean, an on-line petition (closed Dec 31) has been set up for Park Shin Yang at this url

Jan 10, 2009: If you want to help lift the ban on Park Shin Yang, please visit this Counter Ban for Park Shin Yang site without hesitation.


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