$15M @ Fund Symbol LOO

June 21, 2008 jeansdream

I had an inspiring dream about investment.

Hubby and I were meeting with our financial advisors to review our portfolio. Then one advisor told us, “Hm, you have $15M invested from 3 accounts on this fund (symbol LOO). This is risky, you know. What if the company goes belly up?… oh… this LOO is in Belgium… wait a sec.” Then he turned super serious and he was checking on LOO’s website. “OK it was still operational.” He said. “There’s a rumor that this company is shaky.” Oh no… then I asked if our investment could be withdrawn immediately. He said, “It took 3 days at least to settle… OK I am sending this email to our secretary. This proves that you are a priority debtor. If anything happens to the company, you will be on the priority list to claim loss.” Then I was thinking to myself, how this email would work as this email doesn’t reach LOO…

In the dream, this fund had a symbol, while in my knowledge, funds don’t use symbol; only stocks/equities. Then for kicks, I was searching on the internet about this “LOO” yesterday. Didn’t find any in the NA markets. Plus, it would be nice to have $15M to invest as well. Oh well, it’s only a dream afterall.

I now remember I have another advisor whose last name is LOO! Perhaps this is a “sign” not to invest with “LOO”… 😀

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