10 Thank-Yous, Dad

June 15, 2008 jeansdream

Inspired by my brother who dedicated a post for my Dad on this Father’s Day, the following is my version.

Dad, thank you for teaching me indirectly to ask questions – tho I only developed this habit (or nerve) when studying in Canada.

Dad, thank you for challenging my math and scientific mind – tho I wasn’t and ain’t any good in these subjects (yeah I flunked chemistry (didn’t know I had to memorize the atomic table!!!) oh… I did end up doing IT (shhhh don’t tell my bosses) …)

Dad, thank you for showing me patience – tho I still can’t behave as “normal” as you when I am impatient; see I still can’t control my facial color not to turn black!

Dad, thank you for accompanying me @ piano practices when I was little – tho I knew you were fooling around then (!!) but that made me feel better. With that foundation, today I can help in choirs in a singer or conductor role.

Dad, thank you for taking me and Bro to other countries for vacations when we were kids – have to thank Mom too!!!

Dad, thank you for sacrificing your youth and money for raising me and Bro and sending us overseas for further studies (otherwise I might not be able to make university, definitely not my bro – academically then) – hope you don’t regret and love us more than the ever famous “char siu 叉燒” that you might otherwise have gotten instead of us. Ditto Mom. Oh, ah – had to say my bro got couple scholarships and even got a MBA. 😛

Dad, thank you for putting up with me and Bro when we went our own way of doing things. “OK OK… I hear you, but please just leave me alone. Next subject.” 🙂

Dad, thank for you passing more genes for photography to me than Bro – tho he would argue it’s the other way around. Love the photos you took of us when we were little. The most interesting one per my definition was taken in Taiwan, on a highway by the cliff…. ha ha ha!!!

Dad, thank you for punishing Bro for ironing my forearm when he was a kid so he dared not perform more experients on my other body parts and thank you even more for using the “almighty and super stinky” chinese ointment for burnts – no scars left at all!!!

Dad, thank you for accepting Christ as your personal Saviour and thank you for quitting smoking – I pray that these become true one day, like the above “thank-yous”.

Your Daughter

p.s. told ya I ain’t good at math; can’t count the “thank-yous” properly… but the more, the merrier!!


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