June 4, 2008 jeansdream

19 years ago today. 1989 June 4th.

I was in Toronto. I almost couldn’t believe my eyes when I watched the news – massacre of the own kind (race) – the cream of the crop generation was repressed because they voiced their ideas and beliefs on how the government was corrupted. These young people defended with their own bodies, own blood. That happened 19 years ago in Beijing. Some are still jailed since then. Those who escaped / exiled afar are still prohibited from visiting their motherland, their mothers and fathers, their families and friends.

Today in Beijing, I bet all flags were flying high. (Correction: I forgot that the flags were flown at half-staff for the Szechuan earthquake disasters; the flag position hasn’t changed.) This “massacre” (what massacre? they ask) never happened. It’s only a “local riot that the government put out decisively and boldly”. One of the darkest darks of the human nature had revealed itself under a glorified mask.

Regards to the victims and their beloved families. If you’ve been through the massacre and are reading this now, live better, live healthier, live happier, live longer and live broader. Today you are a walking witness who can show those who then made the decision to run tanks over students how to live properly, how to run the government properly, and how to make people who love and depend on you live properly. Get to be a better person by living better.

For the rest, lest not forget. Hope I live to see the day that the chair of China said to its citizens and the world, “China apologizes”.

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