Queen Ant Eyes On TV Remote Control

May 7, 2008 jeansdream

Last night, I had a graphical dream – the scenes were quite eye-stimulating.

In the dream, I was in a girl guide gala.  Many guides were busy presenting dances, songs, drama etc.  My group was in a room practicing.  I saw my grade school physical education (P.E.) teacher which I haven’t thought of for a long time; she came into the room and said something (which I can’t remember now…).  🙂

Then I went into a bedroom.   These was a bed.  Someone asked me to check out the room for pests.  I lifted the mattress and, omg, there’s a colony of ants living underneath it!  They were “contained” into the box.  They were moving fast…  like the beatles in the movie “Mummy”.  You know how ants crawled over each other in a tight space… in layers.  Then I saw a pile of ants moving on top of the rest of the spreaded ants.  The pile was in a rectangular shape…  how peculiar…   then the ants moved away from that rectangular platform and revealed the mystery – it’s a silver TV remote control and the queen ant seemed to be very fond of this remote!  I actually didn’t see the queen ant in the dream – I just “figured” it.  Since she’s decided to stick with this remote, other ants moved and protected her together with this TV remote.  I was stunned and questioned myself how come I never saw these ants, and was trying to think whether I noticed a missing remote.

Hm… perhaps it’s time to clean up the rooms.  Please don’t let me see these ants!

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