Break-In, Shoe Display and Midnight Snacks

April 17, 2008 jeansdream

Dreamy night last night.

I was visiting my friend’s apartment unit.  The building wasn’t very tall; just about less than 10 stories.  Buildings surrounding were also about the same height and the buildings are almost back-to-back.

My friend was out.  I was the only one in the unit.  While I was looking outside a window, I heard someone rattling the bamboo sticks for laundry outside the unit.  Oh no – someone’s trying to break-in!  A tall, thin man (or woman??) got in through the window!!  Somehow someone came in to wristle this person on the ground, and I read this person his(her) right:  I am going to call the police; do you have any objection??  And I was asking myself in the dream why I had to ask for objection…

Then I went into a room and looked out the window again.  The building opposite had some very outstanding decor outside on the building wall – it’s decorated like a girl’s pinky shoe rack with 2 different pairs of shoes – spring-fashion, very upbeat and “loud”; even the wall was painted in fancy pink.  Then I saw 2 young girls with long black hair walked up from the unit below to the unit above using some black ropes.  Like Bourne Identity – reverse the scene of Bourne escaping from the Embassey…

Then my friend returned with her friends and they wanted to go out for midnight snacks.  A girl said she wanted meatless pancake.  Then at a blink, I found myself sitting down with my friend and hers all eating pancake.  There’s even a pancake with a strip of white meat (curried) in front of me!  I was so puzzled and I told my friend – I had no idea how and when we got here!!  How did I get here?……

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