Parents Tempting Daughter

March 29, 2008 jeansdream

This is not about dreams.

Hubby and I went grocery shopping this morning.  Well, we got up early to beat the crowd and after shopping at two different stores, we were ready for breakfast.

Then we visited McDonald’s as planned.  We had coupons for free McMuffin…  hee hee.  Well, if we don’t think about the fat and cholesterol and nutrition info, McDonald’s food is really quite tasty and inviting.

Then I witnessed this “parents temting daoughter” scene.  A young couple, with their really young daughter (2 years old?)  were having breakfast…  and technically speaking, the parents were eating but not the daughter.  The parents talked and ate, the daughter was left alone.  It didn’t look like the child was being disciplined.  The parents were just too busy enjoying themselves.  Then the little girl started to rock her body and made noises.  And then the pitch went up and the noise came more often.  Well, the parents gave the girl some attention but they were busy eating as well.  The girl could only stare… oh this was almost “cruel”!  Perhaps the noises meant: “huh…. bring me to Mc’s but don’t let me eat yummy Mc’s!!…  ahhhhhh!!”

It’s like the wife’s on diet but the husband wants to go buffet.  Or the kid has to study for exam but the parents watch TV and push up the sound.  Temptation from the closest ones.  Just too many tempations, eeh?

So I vacuumed half the house today to compensate for the Mc’s breakfast.  Hee Hee.  🙂

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