Grade 8 Piano Practical Exam

March 20, 2008 jeansdream

Here’s how I passed the Grade 8 RCM piano practical exam last night.

There were other candidates waiting (sitting) in line to get to the piano.  The examiner was a lady.  I would be next.  Somehow my knees touched the lady examiner’s legs.  I felt that she had very soft skin.  And when it’s my turn, I complimented her about her skin and I stressed that this compliement was not meant to get myself a good mark in the exam…  and I went on to said that if the legs had such nice skin, then the face would even be softer and more tender… (OMG…) and she must have taken great attention to treat herself well!  Then somehow, instead of me playing the pieces, she was playing scales and then she started to sing with me…  and people outside the exam centre heard this as well.  We had a great time together.  After the exam, I learned that she gave me two marks – 116 and 124, where 116 was the technical mark and 124 was the presentation mark; and the average was 120 and that’s a good pass fo the Grade 8 RCM piano practical exam.  People outside the centre were commenting whether this was a smart way to get a pass or that’s cheating.

Ah – please be reminded that this happened in my dream, not real life… don’t imtitate or disaster may (almost definitely) happen…   😉

BTW, I recently went for Yundi Li‘s piano concert.  I was really impressed by Yundi’s piano skills.  I witnessed how his hands flowed on the keyboard and how piano music could be so interesting…  I didn’t dare to compare my piano skills to Yundi’s…  naa…  He had a small white towel for cleaning sweats at breaks – so cute.  🙂


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