Stinky Chinese Herbal Medicine – No More!

December 14, 2007 jeansdream

To update you, my dear readers about my health, here comes this posting.  🙂

Officially after another visit which I brought home 6 more doses of the more stinky herbal medicine, I am 99% well.  This time, I really needed the haw flakes to help with the medicine; otherwise, I am very very sure I would throw up – coz I almost wanted to throw up even taking a stack of haw flakes in 9.9 seconds after drinking the medicine…

As we know, stinky chinese herbal medicine really work.  But they are really difficult to take…  Now that I am all done with the medicine, even just thinking about its smell, and how it felt like when it’s in my stomach…  oh, it’s just too painful.  But hey, it works!

Lessons learned:  don’t get sick; and stinky chinese herbal medicine is once again proven working, and stick with the “forbidden food list”.  Hee Hee.

Oh.  The 1% remaining, I will fight my own way without the help of S.C.H.M.!!

Update on Dec 15:  Today I am 98% (down 1%)… last night I “broke loose from jail” and dined out and had sushi…   hee hee.  Hey last night was chilly so I am quite proud of the situation.

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