“Dominique of Ruol”

November 30, 2007 jeansdream

Last night I was “working” in my dream.  I was working for a team of a bank where people were generally indifferent; it’s “dead emotion” – the facial expression and the tone in the voice gave you nothing.  You couldn’t tell whether the person was happy or worried or angry or pleased.

Ah.  The project was under a fierce competition.  It’s a matter of “life or death”.  Then there came the well-respected Mr. TKan.  He had introduced a line of toys – transformer toy robot.  He told his core team that the source of these robots were produced by a South American company called the “Dominique of Ruol”.  Then the project added value on these transformer toys for a higher selling price.  This plan seemed to make management happy.

One thing the management didn’t know – the manufacturer.  So they asked me and I told them, “Dominique of… of Ruol”.  They seemed excited.  One was sent to do more research on this “Dominique of Ruol”.  Then I realized that it’s really Mr. TKan’s trade secret and I was uneasy releasing this info to the management.  I tried to look for Mr. TKan but people seemed to have moved around and I couldn’t find him.  The office was like a train cabin…. very weird.

Don’t ask me where I got this name “Dominique of Ruol” : never heard of; no clue at all!!


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