Darkest Storm Cloud like StingRay

November 28, 2007 jeansdream

My night in my dream, I saw the darkest storm cloud (Cumulonimbus) in my memory.

This moving pile was so dark and curvy and as soon as I saw it coming, I knew that people were going to take the gusty and rainy storm hit hard.  Oh no, it’s sailing towards the building where I was inside.  When it was near the window, it rotated, showing its base toward the window; it showed its opening at the base, like the mouth of a stingray…  oh no, what was it going to do??…  “Is it a storm, or some monster / beast in disguise…!”  Then I ran away from the window.  But others who didn’t sense the danger was still standing near the window.

Suddenly, the walls and windows were ripped open and people were sucked into this hole… (the speed was a bit slow tho,  I though (in my dream)) oh no, it’s so sad to watch!  But the cloud proceeded further…  it was moving further into the building!  Then a vapor-like lady in blue came out of this cloud; her face was like a ghost – cold-blooded.  I ran behind a glass door.  She could travel pass walls and floors!  Blue lights were radiating out from her body.  She was coming after me but she wasn’t very smart… she wasn’t looking at all; she just went around…

Then suddenly, a female dark lady drifted up from the ground by my right; she had a round body and round face, kind of looked like Whoopi Goldberg in the movie Ghost.  She tried to choke me; she wanted me dead…

Then somehow I was in a group barbeque event.  Food was ample and the fun time was near the end.  People were hanging in groups and then a lady was distributing bundt cake pieces as dessert.

“Highway 7 and Yonge was closed due to truck fire…”  oh that was my alarm radio.  Dream time’s over!

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