My Office and Shaving

November 27, 2007 jeansdream

Last night I “flew” back to the office building where I first met my hubby in my dream.  🙂

I was starting a job in this building.  I didn’t remember the exact role, but I was shocked to find out that I had my own office and the room number was 304.  Oh wow.  I took an elevator up… hm… I didn’t remember this building had elevators.  Then I walked into a big office; the workstation on the right was the Boss’ station and there’s another one on the left which looked like the secretary’s station, and another connecting part had fruit and cheese plates on it.  The temperature was too hot to work in… but I knew this wasn’t my room.

Then I walked out and this time I looked for 304 carefully.

Then I went to the lobby on the main floor.  Oh there were mobile stores selling pens and razors.  I was camparing the single file razor style vs the 3-head style.  Then the sales pushed some “sponge-liked” demo razors against my face and asked me to feel the difference.   Oh I felt the sponge moving… oh it’s amazing – that’s shaving; now I felt what my hubby felt.  🙂

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