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October 30, 2007 jeansdream

You have dreams, big or small, don’t you? You want to live them too, don’t you?  (Who doesn’t?)  But not everyone can afford to do so.

Today, I am blogging about someone’s living his travel dream.  Perhaps it can inspire you.  🙂

There was a free air ticket contest a while ago, sponsored by an airline.  Contestants have to submit a piece (can be a poem, a drawing, a photo, an essay or combination etc), expressing why s/he loves Hong Kong.  There are couple hundred winners.  Each winning piece will be rewarded a ticket, and some will win two, or four tickets, depending on the category the entry was submitted against.  The destination choices vary (regional or international), depending on the stages of the contest the winning piece made to.

So this person submitted an entry (an essay plus a photo), and this entry was selected as a winner piece!  And now, today, he’s touring somewhere with other family members with the free tickets (some are paid tickets)!  How nice!

How expensive was this dream?  Well…. let’s see. 

  1. He listened to the person (…moi, yes me!!) who told him about this contest.
  2. He spent roughtly 2 days and nights (actual time; elapse time was like 2 weeks, with the majority of work done up just closely before the deadline) coughing up a piece
  3. He struggled with his new computer, word editor and the on-line submission method (he’s not computer-savvy)
  4. He emailed his family / friends / colleagues to vote for his piece
  5. He waited for the “moments of truth” after submitting the entry
  6. He believed he has won the free tickets
  7. He read the rules for prize claiming
  8. He planned for this trip (selected destination, hunted for trip mates etc)
  9. He claimed the tickets
  10. He packed up for the trip and made to the flight gate on time

Was that expensive?  Well, time and effort were invested.  For a retiree, these are not too far-reached.

Was it affordable?  Yes.

Could you have done it? 

Well, you tell me.  🙂

You may wonder…  could I have done it – enter the contest?!  Oh yes, I did; and as a matter of fact, I submitted more than one entry.   But I didn’t win anything!!   One day if I see one of these judges, I would ask if he really got to see all the entries (over ten thousands) or was it short-listed… groan groan…

Have a dream.  🙂


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  • 1. kempton  |  October 30, 2007 at 4:48 pm

    What a nice dream coming true. Who says reputable online contests can’t win some cool gifts?! (big smile)

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