Chinese Cleopatra, the new Mummy’s bride

October 17, 2007 jeansdream

Last night’s dream was adventurous.

Hubby and I went to Hong Kong for a trip.  I was staring out the window from home at night.  It was a view of the Victoria habour.  Oh but it looked a little different.  The habour seemed narrower.  The landfill on the sides seemed to have taken up much of the waterpath…

Then Hubby and I took a boat trip to flow through the habour.  There were many other small boats floating the same direction, and suddenly people seemed to be hugging each other with the heads put together…  oh no, there’s a small rapid coming up!  I didn’t know there’s any rapid in the Victoria habour!!  Ah, it must be the gimics of the tourist board…  hm… then our boat passed a police woman; she needed a cell phone; I wanted to lend mine to her (it’s an orange-cased flip phone; very cool) but then my phone was from Canada and how would she returned the phone to me??  Then the boat drifted passed her.

Then we were walking within a museum.  Suddenly there were many ghosts floating up in the air…. they were fetching for the new bride for the Mummy (yup, the movie Mummy)!!   Oh no, they were coming for me!!  Oh no!!  No, they wouldn’t get a Chinese Cleopatra!!


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