Messy Commuting

October 5, 2007 jeansdream

The location of my dream last night took place in Hong Kong.

When I was living in Hong Kong, my morning routine was to take a mini-bus (like a big van that takes 16 passengers) to get to the subway (HK MTR).  In this dream, I was in a designated mini-bus waiting area.  There were about 10 people waiting.  There was no sign of mini-bus.  I was just wondering how come there’s no line; then how would people know who could board the mini-bus first… Then suddenly most of the people boarded a mini-bus came out of no where and I didn’t even see these people boarding the mini-bus…  but I knew they got onto the mini-bus about 2 feet away from the waiting area.

Then I panned to another area (yup, just like in a movie, I didn’t need to walk; I just panned and my body arrived there  🙂  ) and finally got onto a mini-bus.  Then I realized a radio host was actually broadcasting 2 rows behind me!  He was talking about financials; crude oil up and gold up by $1.15…  Oh that’s interesting.  (Must be my radio alarm…  🙂  )  Then I got off at the MTR station and I paid $0.75 for the fare.

When I was running up to the MTR, I noticed some entrances were for people who had a valid MTR fare pass – they had unattended gates; one could get into the MTR if they had a pass.  I didn’t have one!!  I couldn’t use these entrances!  K, there, on the far left, there’s a general entrance…  hurry… Need to buy one…   oh how was this done…. how was this done… ah, I could buy a $500 stored value pass, and let the fare be deducted per trip, or I could buy station-to-station fare; ok, I’d get 10-ride for here to Jordon.  I dashed to the ticket purchase line.  There were couple people there already and another man just also arrived the line at about the same time as me but I was ahead of him by a split second.  🙂


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