Water From the Firepit

September 21, 2007 jeansdream

This was a couple nights ago…

I was in a condo unit.  I saw many ex-colleagues in the unit.  It was like a home office inside a residential building.  This was like a social gathering event.  Everyone was happily talking, socializing.

Then I noticed the kitchen had a lot of “smoke” coming out.  This was an open-concept kitchen – it only had 2 walls.  The kitchen was paved about 1 feet up on the floor on other other sides.

I began to wonder if there’s a kitchen fire…  oh no, it’s not fire, it’s actually hot water rushing out from the fire pit!!  Hence the steam!!  Then “Ben” started to put newspaper around the pavement to prevent the overflow from getting out of the kitchen.  Another person started to pick water up from the floor and poured on these newspaper – he was trying to get the newspaper down to pick up more water (eh?)…

Then a lady came out of another room.  I instantly knew she’s HR and her name was Susan – tho I’ve never met her and had anything to do with her…  she told everyone not to panic, and asked everyone to sign the paper and the rest would be sorted out.

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