Sword, Tornado and Movie Critique

September 9, 2007 jeansdream

I must be getting old.  I don’t remember as many dreams as before.  🙂   But I remembered these from last night.

I was in a palace.  The princess was sick in bed in her room.  The mobbsters were just outside of the room.  There were royalists but they seemed disorganized.   Then I raised a sword and asked, “Who wanted to stay and protect the princess?”

Then I was in a car driven by a professional driver.  I don’t remember whether it’s a bus or a big cab.  It was dark outside in the downtown area with high rises.  There were lights coming out of the buildings.  The car was underneath a highway, with ramps entering the highway.  Then I saw the base of something that looked like a tornado.  Then I confirmed this was a tornado!  Oh wow, it’s forming in front of a building about 200 meters out on the left.   Then I saw couple other smaller tornadoes being formed ahead of this car.  I warned the driver, but he went ahead and stayed under the highway.  Perhaps he’s experienced enough to know it would be safe underneath the highway but I was scared.

Next scene.  I remembered couple people were talking about movies in the lobby of a cinema.  It’s a small lobby with walls painted in white which had become dusty and old.  Someone said, “This is the best movie.  It has a lot of depth and it’s really a difficult topic.”  Another one said, “I think this one is better.”  I was just there listening to them coz I didn’t have a preference. 


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